Nora Roberts – Face the Fire Book Review

Another Book review of Nora Roberts!!

Hats off to Nora Roberts. She shares a good storyline, explains all characters well, and a good mystery. Even though I could only get my hands on the third book from the trilogy of three sisters, everything was well explained..!!

I got this book in a sale, thus on reading it for a while, I realize there is a possibility of a few books earlier to this. But the magic she created with her writing was so good, that even though I didn’t read the previous two parts, I could grasp & understand the maximum of the past scenes.

Such is her writing, that you automatically visualize the scene happening right in front of you!! Brilliant work, No wonder her books rate highly. I’m not gonna right the entire story as I want you folks to read it.

My rating – 5/5 

Nora Roberts writes magical and thriller stories. Her stories hook up and latch on to you like a virus. I’m sure you will keep reading this until the story ends eventually. So do read this as soon as possible.

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