Candies Bandra – Food Review Mumbai

“Candies” in Bandra is a place which every Bandra guy & girl or for that matter, every college-goer is synonymous with.
Situated In Pali Hill, Bandra, This place is a popular hangout for youngsters! I have been to this place a lot because I was from St.Andrew’s Bandra, which meant at least a monthly visit to this place.

Candies Bandra menu has a lot of variety, right from rolls, patties, to Lasagna & Spaghetti. They also have a variety in its drinks right from Hot chocolate, Some iced teas, and slush. Not to forget a Salad Bar that is quite filling and reasonable. Finally, they have a separate counter with Cookies, Pastries, etc that makes this place complete!!

Now that’s my regular meal. A salad plate which roughly costs around 120-140. It’s a one time serving where you are given a plate. You can once fill up as many salad veggies and dressing as possible. So build your appetite accordingly. Next to the salad, you will find my favorite drink i.e. the wild-berry ice tea!! If it’s not this, then I will opt for a Hot chocolate.

Candies Bandra’s timing is up to 8.30 pm in the evening. They are extended up to 3 floors, thus there is ample of space for every group. Also, there are Air-conditioned places situated on the ground floor & the First floor. Rest is open spaces but don’t you worry. Every table outdoor has a table fan!! Cool isn’t it?

So this place is a must-visit place for all groups who want to have a gala time with delicious food.

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