My name is Historical…!!

When i say that my name is historical, i mean it.
My name is “Lancelot Trevor Quadras”

Historically, Sir Lancelot took part in the round table conference and was the right hand of King Arthur.
Cool isn’t it??

This is a pic of Sir Lancelot as per Arthurian Literature

While i was in school, i must have been told countless times about this fact.

I love my name, even the nick names.
Hell i have many nick names!!

The Basic meaning of my name  – A sharp object, maybe like an axe, during a war.

Now i love my name, but as i grew up from a young baba to an adult, people around me have sometimes given me enough motivation to hate it, or sometimes rise my blood pressure.

Some people pronounce my name in such a manner that i have no choice but to pity their parents who couldn’t afford to even teach their children basic English.

But Sometimes i do have a laugh when i hear odd pronunciations of my name.
They sometimes get quite hilarious.

In college, the toughest time of the lecture for me would be the attendance.
With every teacher came a new style of my name being pronounced.
You can imagine how much the class gets to laugh when a name is pronounced funnily.

Any which ways, i have been experienced enough to not get angry, and correct people to call my name perfectly, but sometimes that effort goes in vain.

But it’s OK..!!

This is me, Lancelot……Trying to make a mark and be better every year 🙂

What do you think about this article?

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