Moments and/or Money

I’m sure you might have seen umpteen posts on “Things to do at 25 when you are 25” etc. depending on different age groups.
Yes, there are lots and lots of things which we would want to complete in this earthly journey.
Some would want to;
  • Travel the world,
  • Adventure sports,
  • Own a beach house,
  • Settle abroad etc.

Here’s the harsh truth. For all this we need money. Maybe little, maybe lots, but yes we do need them. Lucky are the few who have it in abundance already and can do the things they wish to do when they want to.
For the rest, it’s a race which they run into. They work, they earn, they feed their families and in this span they lose out on the important years. The important years which include the things they wish they could have done.
For some, then comes settling down and raising a family. Now that’s not an easy task as that process takes another decade and you lose out on a lot of years.
Now you’ve turned 40. You have the money. But maybe you’ve either lost the zing to fulfill those wishes or there are other important needs which need your attention.
It’s okay.
There are a lot of things we wish we could have done long ago. But let that not stop you from doing it anytime. It’s okay if you’re doing things at 45 which should have been done when you were 25.

It’s alright mate! As long as it gives you happiness and peace of mind, go all out. Have fun. Take a road trip. Take a vacation. Do what makes you happy. In the end that’s what matters.
Moments are worth a lot.
Today you did not go out with your friends.
You did not have the amount for the trip nor did you have the time.
Your friends insist that you make time and they’d handle the balance amount.
But you say no.
They go ahead and enjoy.
Tomorrow you do have the money and also the time.
But you’re friends are either busy or have settled someplace else.
You’ve lost your moment.


There are lots of ways to see this above example.
My way of seeing this is that the people who matter to us a lot…Let’s make time for them. Let’s not miss a moment with them. Enjoy what time you have with them. In that sense, do not miss a moment for yourself too.
You want to go for a trip alone? … Go ahead.
You want to try a new hairdo? … Just do it.
Like that suit/dress? Take it… Who knows if you’d ever be in that shape again?
Like someone? … Just go and tell them. Why keep waiting?
Sometimes I’m sure you’d always look back and think, “Wish I would have done this earlier”
I don’t want anyone to have that feeling.
It’s not good. It hurts.
I know that our bank balance is not that high enough to fulfill even half of our desires.
But whatever little we can do, let’s just do it.
So that when tomorrow you’ve turned 75 or even 100 and you look back at the things you did, you’d have one big fat smile.

Yes buddy, you did make it!!

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