Maharaja Bhog – Food Review

Maharaja Bhog is one of those feel-good places where anyone and everyone is bound to have an amazing time. There’s instrumental music that is calming.

There’s a caring atmosphere here as the staff would be on their toes running around ensuring every patron has an amazing time. I’ve been for lunch here so many times and fail to remember if I ever had a bad time ever.

Location and proximity from the station:

The only harsh part of the Juhu outlet is that it is forever crowded because of its proximity to Juhu Beach. The nearest station is Vile Parle and it would take you a maximum of 10-15 minutes to get to the place.

Seating and Ambiance:

Maharaja Bhog is always bright and they surely love yellow and gold. Everything about the place is vibrant and there is constant chatter. They have comfortable seating for all kinds of groups. There are tables for two, four, eight or even a bigger number. They have a place for everyone. There is soothing music playing which helps you get in the calming mood.

Food and Drinks:

We began with their welcome drink. That sets your taste buds ready for a meal to remember. They have a thali system where first they would fill up all the mini bowls and the plate with every essential item on the list. Looking at the thali itself is an amazing experience in itself.

Here’s what you can expect in the Maharaja Bhog thali;


Ghugra and Khatha Dhokla Mariwala – Ghugra and Dhokla are served with three different chutneys that are sweet, spicy and finally, they served us their special beet raita which in itself was amazing and creamy.

Sindi Dal Pakwan Tadka – A special mention of this amazing masterpiece. I loved the entire pakwan. It’s their famous bestseller here. I surely had another serving of this masaledaar pakwaan! You will too!


Mix Veg Paneer – I love the way they make their paneer. This one is not spicy at all and they make it more thick and creamy. This one is fit for those who love their paneer when it is absolutely not spicy.

Bhindi Masala – They cut the bhindi into tiny fine pieces and the masala makes this item one of the things you must look out for. We liked this.

Aloo Dil Khus – Perhaps it’s my fixation with Aloo but I really love the variations you can come up with potatoes. This one too is a nonspicy option and tastes well.

Dal/ Kadhi:

Rajasthani Dal – I love spicy dal. There is something about the taste that you really cannot resist it until it is complete. I had more than two servings of this dal and it will complement well with the vegetables and even when had plainly. Spicy and tasty.

Gujarati Dal – The sweeter variant of dal is also not to be ignored. I like the kadhi as it helps you when you have something spicy to nullify the spiciness off your tongue.


We tried three variants; Fulka, Kanda Palak Thepla, and Rotla which is a ragi based roti. This goes well with the spicy dal and also with the bhindi and aloo.


We then tried their traditional famous khichdi with ghee. It’s made very fine and tastes oh so good! We would definitely suggest you to not miss out on any of these!


Apple Halwa – The best part of this halwa was its consistency with the flavor and also the thickness. It’s a proper halwa as you like it and those who like apple would definitely love this.

Fruit Custard – Oh I love the way they have worked on their custard. You can expect a sweet ending here with this custard and even 2 servings are less!


Maharaja Bhog is for every age group and even though it’s a vegetarian place, you will surely leave this place with a huge tummy and a smile on your face.

It’s something to do about their hospitality and how they give equal attention to each customer. I would like to thank their founder and managing director Ashish Maheshwari for an experience to remember. 

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