The One With The Longest Pending Meeting

Longest Pending meeting is one of the most epic Friendship stories ever!


I like my life.

I’ve seen a fair share of moments; both good and small.

I enjoy the little moments and little things that people do for me.

It gives me joy and happiness knowing that somewhere, I’m loved.


2018 (January to August):

But that’s not how this year began for me in 2018.

2018 began with a bang for me when I left my job in the field of finance after 3 long years for good. Content writing was my calling and I was going to pursue it. (Copy that!)

Then after 1 month of being jobless, I got the luxury of going for a family trip abroad with my parents. That was one priceless month.

Post the trip there were 3 months of joblessness with my parents worried for me, friends looking to endorse and suggest my name for interviews.

Getting a good night’s sleep was not at all available. I still went through that sleepless and tension phase which never let me sleep in peace.

At the end of May, I got my first break in content writing. Ever since then I’ve been happy. I keep writing, go home on time and smile more often for the past 3 months.


September began too with a bang!

One of my oldest school friends surprised us by flying down from the USA for his brother’s engagement.

I was the first one to know and one by one, everyone was given a separate surprise. This was the first time in 2.5 years that we all were together in one city.

This image was clicked during the engagement party and I must tell you that the moment here is priceless and I’m going to cherish it for a very long time!

Longest pending meeting between friends

With this, I request you to share a moment in this year which was the best so far post the longest pending meeting.

Let’s share the happiness with all!

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35 thoughts on “The One With The Longest Pending Meeting”

    1. Hi Mayuri, I’m so happy that the photographer could capture this. Loved the moment and yes I am glad to be back on track again.

  1. Quite a roller coaster ride 2018 for you!
    Arent good friends like stars? They are always with us but we fail to see them. Only in the darkness, however, they mark their presence felt.

  2. Well I would like to take up content writing myself! But financial constraints do not permit me to try job hopping at the moment. Good for you that you got into something you like and enjoy.

    1. Hi.. Yes, I feel this year was a year of revelation and surprises. Choices, decisions had to be taken and I will stand by them until my last breath. Whereas meeting old friends is concerned, this indeed was my best memory of the year. Loved it!

  3. wow!! meeting old friends and that too as a surprise. The pictures clearly tells how happy you are. Just hold on to these moments. I would love to work as a content writer some day.
    #MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa

    1. Hey ther, thank you so much for your wishes and yes, I have never been so happy this year. It has indeed been an amazing experience.

  4. That’s the beauty of this journey called ‘life’. There are ups and downs, curves and even u-turns. The best thing I have learned is to keep moving and enjoying the bumps. I had many great moments this year, our travel to Andamans with my mom and mom-in-law on my son’s 2nd bday, our first ever trip with our son and fur baby together to Jim Corbett, my blog completing a year in July and many more. Loved reading about your journey, times spent with friends and family always shine bright.

    1. Hi Neha, bang on! Totally, I like to listen to this song which is by Lenka – The Show! It’s my mood lifter!
      Also, looks like you’ve had an amazing year yourself. Congratulations for completing a year in blogging. Cheers to many more years to come.

    1. Hi Disha, Yes meeting old friends definitely brings back so many good moments. I loved them. Also thank you so much for your wishes!

    1. Hey, Yes I like my happiness and describing it is easy because I feel those emotions everyday. It’s amazing how a month can be so amazing to you. I loved September.

    1. Yes, this turned out to be the best month for me. Birthdays, Parties, spending time with close friends is how I’ll sum up a month which usually is December. But I happen to get this love in September. So yayy for me!

  5. I’m glad to know your year turned out so well after all. Meeting friends after so many years is always priceless. All the best with your new career too

    1. Yes, The month of September has been nothing less than exceptional for me. Also, thank you so much for your wishes on my career. Means a lot.

    1. It is something that I decided to do so I do not have to fret over it or regret it at some point of my life. So far, so good!

  6. Good for you–for the new job and for meeting your friends. We all have our share of ups and downs…
    For me, the people I met through my blog and how they could relate to some of the topics I wrote about, gives me joy! 🙂

    1. Hey there, thank you so much.I have liked this year both for work and also for my blog. Alexa gave me a lot of learning and many new blogs to read and explore!

  7. That sure is one precious picture for keepsake. I’m glad that the year turned around for you and you’re in a happy space in your mind. 🙂
    My best moment so far would be when we shifted in our new home in April. Life feels much better when lived under a roof of your own!

    1. I agree. The picture is definitely a keepsake! And congratulations to you on getting your own roof.Indeed that is a feeling which cannot be explained unless you have done it yourself. I’m happy for you.

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