Life of a Jobless Person in India – Condition Serious hai!

Ever imagined what happens on a day to day basis of what happens in the life of a jobless person in India? If you have visited this blog to understand what’s the meaning of a jobless person, synonym, other words, or some inspiring quotes, then leave… NOW!
Here are some pointers:

a) Nights and days seem to be longer. Not like 24 hours but like 48 hours.
b) Insomnia can never take place as you have ample time to sleep.

c) You want to visit every party, you even have the time but you either have less or zero money.
d) Every second friend you meet is working and will give you the best advice i.e. apply on Naukri or Indeed!
e) You don’t have a girlfriend and that is nice considering the situation. If you do, however, then boy you can give her as much time you want.
f) Every day the only topic in your house would be – What are you doing with your life and what’s the way forward?
g) Every morning when you wake up, you find no purpose of waking up.
h) All you do is hang out with friends and watch every damn thing on T.V. By this we mean regional News channels and languages you don’t understand because frankly, you’ve covered all known channels.
I) In the spare time you apply for jobs but most of the times lady luck has other plans or perhaps the internet shuts down.
j) Even the dumbest guy or girl you know works, and that majorly pisses you off!
k) You read the newspaper still, but only the entertainment pages have now changed to TIMES Ascent. 
l) You often end up searching too many jobs on various job portals and get bored.
m) You often dream too much about the day you get a high paying job where you are respected and it’s just a 5-minute walk from your place.

So the nest time you see a Jobless person, don’t be negative!

Choosing to be a jobless person in India, or not getting a job is just as worse as your life can get. All you can do is wake up, and look forward to a positive start. Take it from a person who was jobless for 8 long months – Your time will come (Apna Time Aayega). Don’t lose hope and keep trying.

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