The Laughing Stock

“To shave or not to shave” is the biggest and most important decision guys have to take every few days. If given the chance then I would love to grow a beard although I haven’t had that opportunity yet. Many of us shave not for ourselves but due to work, maybe an event or for occasions. But if given the chance I’d love to grow a proper full grown beard. It looks like a distant dream for now due to the interviews I go for. 

So today while reading about #WillYouShave initiative by Gillette, I thought of any missed opportunity which I ruined due to a non shaven face. There happens to be just one such case. It took place during my graduating phase when we started going for interviews. Being a prospective employee is something all students wish for but in the eyes of the recruiter there are tons of parameters which you have to get through with.


We 5 friends waited for over an hour in the company’s head office as our C.V’s were scanned by their recruiter. The results were declared. Out of us 5 friends, 3 got selected. 2 were denied an interview due to their poor academic score overall. 

We 3 waited for our turn. Mine happened to be the first one for god knows what reason. The minute I entered the room, I greeted the panel and they asked me to stay still. I had hardly entered and was told to leave the interview room. To my dismay, I felt very bad and asked the panel what was wrong with me. I did the last minute check up like we all do before entering the room. Nothing felt wrong. 

Their answer shocked me. Just because I did not have a clean shaven face I did not get into their good books. According to them a non shaven face is a negative trait and shows negligence and laziness. The level of embarrassment was on a all time high for me. Never ever had I felt so bad anytime. When I came out, my friends were shocked. They thought I developed cold feet and came back running. The reason had them splitting in laughter and I kind of became the laughing stock for a while at least. One of the remaining two got selected and that was the moment I realized what an opportunity I missed.


That was a learning phase and I finally understood the importance of a clean shaven face. Since then I did not have such an embarrassing moment.
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