Jess And Nick's Love

This is the story of Nick and Jess.

For 2 years their relation was a joy ride which just never stopped.

It kept getting better with every month.

Surprises, Gifts, Precious moments… they had it all.

Jess was a corporate junkie and Nick was a writer who published short stories.

Both made time for each other no matter what the situation.

Their level of understanding is what all their friends raved about.


But after 24 months of dating, one fine day Nick felt something was missing.

The feeling was of detachment.

Jess had got busy with her work schedule for the past few weeks and Nick felt they were growing apart.

The usual outings had stopped. The surprises diminished with each day.

They hardly spoke before going to bed which was their daily rule until few weeks back when both would tell each other how was their day, who annoyed them the most etc.

Also, the daily morning kiss before Jess left for work had been forgotten.


Now Nick knew he should understand as she has work and it helps pay bills too. But one part of him yearned for her attention, for those lost moments, for that spark which he knew had diminished.

So he kept quiet. He buried those emotions, the pent up frustration in him. Jess couldn’t see it as she had work on her mind. Weekends were days when they gave time to each other but now all it had become was “Jess’s sleeping day”

It all had reached to a point of no return. Nick finally couldn’t take it and confronted Jess about what he was feeling. She retorted back with statements which were practical. At that point Nick just didn’t want to be practical.

The argument escalated. They didn’t talk to each other much. Living with each other and not speaking much took their relationship to a new low.

Friends got wind of their situation at a party when they never sat together. The friction could be witnessed by any passerby. They spoke to both of them differently and explained how lucky they should be to have each other.

Jess heard what their friends had to say and yes she did agree that their relationship did have this low point. She did understand Nick’s attempts to make her happy. She also couldn’t remember when the last time they had dinner together was. Nick on the other hand felt he over reacted and thought he should have weighed the situation from her point of view.

Then the story unfolded like a typical romantic movie.

The party then moved into dance mode with slow numbers playing. All couples started grooving to the numbers. Nick and Jess were forced to dance together by their friends.

The minute they held each others hands, something happened.

There was a wave of emotions, passion, love which was overflowing with that first touch. It almost reminded them of the first time they danced with each other. The first time they looked each other in the eyes. Everything came back to them. They said sorry to each other. There were tears of joy, they hugged each other, kissed and finally smiled. All was forgotten.

Like I said, a typical romantic movie ending with the last line, “And they lived happily… till the next argument…!”

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