Yesterday, 18th February marked as the beginning of the “Lenten” season in the Christian calendar.

The Lenten season is a season of sacrifice and thus we commemorate it as Jesus had done by fasting for 40 days and 40 nights + resisting each and every temptation delivered by Satan to break the fast.



So we Christians during these 40 days avoid our usual temptations. Temptations can be anything according to me. Right from eating non veg food, chocolates, alcohol or even abusing, there are many such things which we can control, but we choose not to.

Usually, we avoid having non veg food and alcohol during this tenure.

I believe we should endure temptations…. but only for God.


Now you might think why I said that.

It’s Simple.

Some resist non veg food not for the sake of God, but for losing weight.


Some resist alcohol not for the sake of God, but for saving money.

This is our reality.

Last night as I sat for mass, the priest just said one line.

Do little, but do it for him… not for your benefit.

I’m sure that line might have hit many right on their gut.

He said people who do it for their own benefit are nothing less than hypocrites.


Thus, this season… Don’t be a hypocrite.



10 thoughts on “Hypocrite”

  1. Didn’t know you were so religious 🙂

    I work in such a place (and live in the staff quarters provided by the work place) that almost all the pleasures of life (like non-veg, alcohol, tobacco, even aerated drinks (!)). So I’m always in the season of Lent!

      1. At least you are honest about it.. Rest have no shame. It’s just about themselves, their selfish needs. My motto is you do it all, or you don’t do it. Just don’t leave it mid way. that’s way worse!

  2. I know of folks who quit non veg and alcohol, for the sake of losing weight..

    I mean… SERIOUSLY? You require the lent time to come up with a reason to lose weight!!

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