5 Dreams – 1000 words

It so happens that our aspirations define our goals in life.

It’s like a need is generated and only through achieving our goals can we think of the zillion things we want to conquer in life.

Whenever a need arises, we must get it fulfilled as soon as possible.
That’s where our psyche comes into picture.

Our minds make sure that we don’t do anything by putting across pointers and situations like how a lawyer does.

And we have no other option apart from nodding our head and throwing that need in the bucket.

You would be surprised but it’s a fact that daily we throw one/many such needs in the bucket.

The reasons can be impossible to count. 

But… what if?

Ahhh! “What if” easily qualifies as one of the best 2 words which can have a drastic impact in any story-line.

These two words can pave way for so many possibilities and conclusions that we cannot imagine.

So I ask myself today, WHAT IF I could do whatever I wanted with no one to stop me, no strings to hold me back, no worries of tomorrow? What if I could be Befikar Umar Bhar?

After introspecting and having a cuppa coffee, I finally listed down the top 5 things which I specially handpicked from my “Bucket of Needs”.

1)       Awesome Trip with my Homeys:

This place has been in my list for almost 3 months now. Previously, I had no good company to go this heavenly place. Then in a couple of months I found my desired company with 4 of my schoolmates. We went to GOA together and we hit it off almost like something which I cannot fathom yet.

The next barricade was set by our work schedules and our locations. With 4 of us in Mumbai and 1 in Bangalore, the traveling and coordinating would be an issue. Also, our work schedules were such that to find that perfect time for a trip became tougher by the day. Two of us are under probation and thus taking a day or 2 off was out of the picture.

So even after all this the next barrier was the “Budget”. Ain‘t this the biggest worry for any group?  We are still tackling all of these issues. Wishing there were none. This would be the perfect way to give our friend a send-off.

2)       To watch a match at Stamford Bridge, London:

This is and has always been on the top of my bucket list. I have been following this club named “Chelsea FC” based in London for almost 10 years now. The cost to travel there, to stay, to purchase a ticket will be very costly.

Photo credit – chelseafc360.com

But I really don’t care. Watching a match there and to cheer as a fan has been a recurring dream of mine. I once had a dream of watching a match there and saw my team defeat our rivals by 5-0. I went crazy with every goal scored. That feeling of being in the stands, singing the anthem, the chants, the cuss words… everything would be so perfect.

3)       Open my own Book Store:

I don’t know why… not even how come this thought came up in my mind, but that seed just sprouted into a tree with roots so strong, that I just cannot believe it. I had this dream one day where I saw myself way ahead in life settled at the outskirts of the country, living the leisurely and comfy life. I had a book cum coffee store.

Photo credits – www.litro.co.uk

My store had books of various genres and stuff which you couldn’t find in many places would surely be in my store. I saw people finding their books, some engrossed in reading, kids scribbling on drawing pads provided to them; In short they all were happy. And finally I saw myself with something which I don’t have. I saw myself smiling and had that expression of being content. I wish I can fulfill this dream earlier than what I thought of.

4)       Explore India:

I haven’t traveled a lot in my own nation but have been to a foreign destination i.e. Muscat twice. Whilst over there I met a traveler who had come to explore the Gulf region. A few minutes of conversation between us and I realized he was from the same region. On asking him why he chose a location so close, he simply answered, “What’s the use of traveling all such foreign locales when you haven’t checked your own homeland.”

And then… BAM!!

GIF credit – wehuntedthemammoth.com

That line hit me so hard; I had no words, no reply, nothing even funny to come back with. That thought literally changed my mind set. I have traveled since then to some places in India, and even though some places belong to my state, I feel nice to explore my culture.
We talk of cleanliness in foreign destinations. I have an answer for them; we have Asia’s cleanest village i.e. Mawlynnong which is in Meghalaya. So why go out when you have something so nearby. I wish to explore such places and complete a tour of my country.

5)       Learn to Cook:
My state of knowing nothing had reached heights when I learnt how to make tea at an early age of 23. Yes, 23. Please observe a moment of silence on my laziness and stupidity. I had never ever wanted to be in the kitchen. Having the final finished product on the table was my version of being a self-proclaimed foodie.

These are some stills from when i git an opportunity to learn how to cook by the famous restaurant “Five Fat Monks”

Until recently I realized the importance of not learning anything when my mother goes to Mangalore for a few weeks. My mum has to cook for days in advance and store it for us so that we don’t keep eating food from restaurants.
 But after the food she prepares gets exhausted we have no other option apart from ordering food. I do want to learn cooking. I know it’s easier said than done. But until I don’t take that extra mile, I’m always going to be the guy waiting for the food to magically appear on the table.

These are the 5 topmost things that headline on my current bucket list. I just noticed that I crossed the 1000 word mark whilst writing about my cooking saga. Wish it was that easy to fulfill what I did by writing in an hour.

Below is a video which portrays living life #BefikarUmarBhar. It’s a light hearted video. I’m sure you will like it.

Also, do you have any such wishes which if given the chance, you’d tick it off your bucket list?
Why don’t you list some down and share it with me like i did.
I would love to read them.
Let’s get talking.

What do you think about this article?

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