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Its undeniable how technology has got us latched on to such an extent that we just cannot live without it.

One other way of seeing this is that almost everything which required us physically can now be done without us moving even a step.

That’s why almost everything is now on the go. You need to pay any kind of bills; it can be done with just one click.

So it’s obvious; why would you want,

  • To drag yourself out of the house,
  • Keep proper change money,
  • Walk towards the shop with unbearable heat in the backdrop
  • Hope that the recharge takes place successfully without any hassles and finally,
  • Walk back home with a recharge.

Now why take such amount of effort when you could have done this at home. Yes, Airtel has now launched a new app called “My Airtel App” which is a one touch solution to every consumer.

Let me give you a quick tour of this app.

  • You can make a lot of bill payments:

i_want_to_1 i_want_to_2

They have this feature called “I want to” which displays a list of tasks you can choose from. You can make bill payments, recharge for yourself and your dear ones, order different data packs, check your balance and recharge history and many more things.

  • Secure Payments:

ss1 ss2

Yes, this will be the top worry for every consumer. We are sceptical in making payments online fearing something might go wrong and you might lose money. But don’t you worry. With a friendly interface alongside real time bill tracking, you would not miss anything. Every detail will be made available. The user experience has been kept in mind and thus using this app would not be tough.

  • Airtel Surprises:


Yes, now after the basic features comes this amazing one. Whenever you recharge using the app, you will automatically get a list full of surprises. By surprises I mean “DISCOUNTS” on shopping, food, wellness and entertainment. Just imagine you getting so much just because you have this app.

  • Other Services:

h3 h2

Basically after all this there are a few more services which you can avail like adding or removing certain individual services which are of no use to you, you can create an alerts on low balance, due date, bill payment etc. Means you can now never forget when your bill is due, you don’t need to worry about browsing. In short you need not worry for anything.

Also when you are bored, just click on the app, shake your smartphone and be ready to get offers like no other. Right from cashback schemes to free data and full talk time. There will be multiple schemes to make your day!


So visit “My Airtel App” and be a part of this amazing experience.

As of now, it’s available for Android devices and soon will be for IOS.

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