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2015 is yet another year filled with advancements in E-commerce..

Now you can not only go online via your desktop but also use the apps which each e-tailer has provided.

E-tail giant Myntra took the next big step and announced they will be available only on mobile. All you now need is the app which can be downloaded easily via the play store for Android and iOS devices.


How to get consumers to use the Myntra App:

If I were a part of the Myntra team, my next step would be to attract all the consumers to the app and tell them what’s waiting in store for them.

Yes I know that many have joined the bandwagon, but not all. If we cannot have all consumers on board, that’s a loss which will hurt us in the long run.


Yes, this is the most important action. So I thought of something different and thought to share it with you guys. Here’s my idea.

Myntra is now mobile only and there’s a huge reason for that. It’s because we don’t want you to go through the same process of logging in your pc, waiting for everything to start and then log on to our site. That’s a long process and too slow.

With our app, you can place an order anyplace, anytime and anywhere. Maybe you’re stuck in a boring meeting; maybe it’s some sad function you have to be a part of. Fikar not. Use our app and make yourself happy.

Also with our new feature, buying clothes would never get any easier. We have such filters set where once you put in your details, you’ll get the perfect results.

Image creit –

E.g. If a guy wants to buy a set of formals all he has to do is punch in his shirt and trouser size and he will get an image of how the shirt and trouser would look like.

Also to add some fun to it, you could make an avatar of yourself and then your avatar will be the model for the clothes.

Just imagine. You can actually look at your digital self with the clothes you want to buy.

That’ll help a lot right?

So go on, download the app and be a part of the next gen shopping experience.

This is what I think Myntra can use to garner more audience.

I need your opinions on this too.

What do you think?

Does my idea sound realistic?

If you had the chance, what would be your idea to market Myntra to the consumers?

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