Do you know why couples have a first kiss during the wedding ceremony?

K is for First Kiss

In catholic marriages, most couples will do this during the wedding ceremony and/or at the wedding reception as well.

This ceremony has been on for decades and still continues to do so.

Why do they do that?

So who in history created this tradition that is followed to date?

As per history, the Romans used kisses as a way to seal a transaction. That’s the reason why we hear the term “sealed with a kiss”.

Some religions consider this to be important based on the theme “two become one”. Also, it’s considered as a first kiss post them being married.

first kiss

What are my thoughts on the first kiss?

I believe this moment during the wedding ceremony is symbolic. I remember some uncle telling me this. A few years down the line, when you feel that the love is not the same or is lost, you can rekindle that flame with a kiss.

At that very moment, you can remember how it felt like on the wedding day. This is what I had to share with you guys regarding this special moment the couple shares on their wedding day.

Have you been to weddings where you saw the married couple share a kiss? Was it a happy or awkward moment for you?

Also, do you think it’s okay to kiss during the wedding ceremony or not?

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26 thoughts on “Do you know why couples have a first kiss during the wedding ceremony?”

  1. As Indians, we are used to a conservative wedding. But in Rome, do as the Romans do. I think it’s a nice way of beginning your wedding. After all, sealing also means sweetness of Silence.

  2. It is a symbolic gesture that hold a deep significance, as you said. But the practice also differs in different communities. Through I belong to a Roman catholic family, I never saw this practice happen in my family but I’ve seen it in Anglo Indian or Goan communities.

  3. Wow! This is really sweet. I did not know the reason or history behind the first kiss after wedding. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I could not agree more with the points. Love should be there in every marriages and kiss is the symbol of love . Even in other casts are also started kissing in marriages or marriage shoots which I find great to show love towards each others.

  5. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    This post got me thinking. Such a romantic post for sure. Would be a great way to seal the love.

  6. As long as you kiss the right miss, you can avoid many a miss between the lips.
    Jokes apart, nice to know of the traditional aspect of this wedding ritual.

  7. The ritual of the first kiss in Christian weddings is so sweet and symbolic. It is definitely a memory that will linger perpetually in the minds and hearts of the couple. Other memories may fade with time but this is one memory that is everlasting.

  8. Oh wow I did not know this fact about why couples have their first kiss during the wedding. I always thought it was only to do with them showing the love in front of the world.

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