EPL Gameweek 25 Sunday Review

2 Games left, Everton vs Tottenham and Manchester United vs Fulham

Tottenham Vs Everton:
The battle for the 4th spot i.e the champions league spot has brought out the best in them.
With Manchester united having a disastrous season as compared to their other seasons, they would be out to prove a point and score some points.
Liverpool is currently 4th and thus Both these teams would look forward to grabbing that spot from them.
The match begun at a normal note, some failed attacks, many fouls, free kicks.
The only highlights were from Leighton Baines, Steven Pienaar and then Aaron Lennon.
Rest players were average throughout the match.
Adebayor then scored a goal from a brilliant pass from Kyle Walker and thus sealed the fate of Everton.
According to me, The match should have either tied or Everton should have won.
But, its not Tottenham’s mistake.
Everton got tons of chances, but failed to convert every time.
Every forward of theirs got around 2-3 chances each.
many a times, the hots were off target.
How can you score, if you cant hit your ball on target.?
This is one question the team has to decide.
I know the absence of their first preferred striker Lukaku has affected them to a great extent.
But that doesn’t mean other players cant fulfill the deed.
The match was a So-So match where one won;t want to even have a debate on.
The attempts could have been better, but in the end the winner takes it all.
So Tottenham sit on 5th for now, with a 2point cushion over Everton and a 3 point distance from Liverpool
Looking forward for an exciting finish for the 4th spot..!!

Manchester United vs Fulham:
This match is for both the teams  to revive some pride.
You know why?
Fulham is 20th on the league table, that means last.
This is their worst season as compared to the other seasons at this stage.
So they would want 3 points to climb out of the relegation zone.

For Manchester United, this season has been extraordinary.
By extraordinary i mean, very bad.!!
Losing away matches is one thing, but losing at home very often means, the team or the strategy, one is failing.
Manchester has the team, has the strategy, but the only thing missing is, the connection of the team.

So a bit of a highlight from my side:

One of the best chip passes by Holtby found Sidwell who tapped it in to give Fulham a lead within 25 minutes…
The cross exposed the Manchester defense and thus Sidwell was clear in the field with just a tap needed to finish the task.
Yet again, Manchester conceded early. Why am i not surprised?
Later, A brilliant chance by Van Persie was missed as he mistimed his volley on the 22nd minute
Fulham’s defense was very good, they maintained a good line, clearing all air duels contested.
The team’s goal is to come out of the relegation zone.
I think, no more motivation is needed for any team then right?
Throughout, the first half, Steklenberg, Fulham’s keeper made fine saves, was aggressive when needed, kept Van persie and Ashley Young from scoring goals.
A brilliant volley by veteran Carrick near the half hour mark, almost went in but missed the target.
Manchester United had many chances but the conversion rate and the existence of players to finish the task were almost nil.
 On the 36th minute, Richardson almost got to score from a counter attack which seemed to go Fulham’s way, but the shot was hit above the cross bar.. what a bad finish.. could have made it 2-0.
2 minutes later, Manchester pressurized the Fulham defense which nearly leaked a goal, but thanks to their positioning, they just fell too short.
A corner in the next minute saw Vidic head the ball directly to the keeper’s hands.
Till half time, Manchester put a lot of pressure on Fulham but failed to convert.
Many failed crosses to be exact 46 crosses according to Star Sports, but no result, air duels were lost which meant Manchester were attempting a lot, but the end result remained the same till half time.
Next half saw the same scenario with Manchester playing crosses as their prime weapon.
One shot from Rooney on 53rd minute was smartly saved by the keeper.
Indeed the best of the match.
Manchester kept pressurizing and it felt not too long before they scored a goal..
The introduction of Januzaj, Valencia and Hernandez meant, Fulham would indeed be PARKING THE BUS for a long time.
2 quick goals from Van Persie and Carrick in 2 minutes gave Manchester the lead which they deserved..
But, in the end, Darren bent scored a heartbreak which meant that Fulham took a point away from a team that deserved everything!! Too sad for Manchester!

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