EPL Gameweek 25 Saturday Review

West Ham Utd vs Aston Villa
Nolan was indeed the man of the match and was on prime form with 3-4 long balls during the match which almost converted into a goal..
One more thing which the manager and fans would be happy with is the partnership of the experienced midfielders Downing and Nolan. They are combining to good extent already and i expect them to be the cause for West ham to increase their position in the premier league. With Shane long looking good this team looks set for more better performances in the next few games.
Now what was West ham’s power?
The aggressiveness is what gave them an edge over Aston villa
Aston villa had tons of chances and believe me they came too close to scoring right till the end of the match.
Its one of those days in a soccer match that you have all the ingredients but the mixing is what doesn’t happen as per requirements.
The same happened with them.
They just did everything apart from scoring.
I’m of the opinion that if you cant be on target stop blaming anyone for the loss..
If you have to blame someone.. Blame yourself.. and your lack of accuracy.
They hit the crossbar twice and that’s the only consolation they can take back with them , the twin cross bar hits were one by Marc Albrighton the upcoming Aston villa star who looked good during the match, and second by Benteke who in the pre season and the first few games of the league was the top scorer of the premier league.. an injury cost him many matches and villa lost many on the way…… its high time the lad starts coming on the score sheet on a consistent basis.. because the wait is being suffered by Aston villa.. the fans are supporting the team, why wont they? But the main matter of concern is the proximity of the last 10teams to the relegation zone… One loss and little bad luck will get you to the zone. As you know they are on 10th spot pre-match and 12th post match. The cushion is gone and now only 3-5 points differentiate last 10teams.. beat that..
Surprising right? Cardiff and Sunderland who were sure shot prone to relegation are already out of it with string  of wins in their kitty thanks to their forwards.
For Aston  villa,
Unless Benteke and others sort out their goals, they will keep losing points.
Final score West ham 2 – 0 Aston Villa 

Sunderland vs Hull City
Sunderland had lost just 1 out of last 5 matches..
Riding on the form of Johnson who was adjudged the player of month, they jumped out of the relegation zone and seemed to be riding the success train. They looked favorites at home..
Hull started well in the first 10 minutes and a mistake by Sunderland defense who ended up giving a pass to Shane long who got fouled outside the penalty area by Wes brown.. Red card indeed.. as it was a last man challenge..
The free kick wasn’t converted by Tom Huddlestone, but some minutes later, a.corner headed in by Shane long gave them a goal..  an away goal.
How important was that.
Some minutes later, Shane long whose confidence was high almost scored but his effort kissed the crossbar..
Later a series of deflections almost gave Hull a second goal..
finally, another deflection gave Jelavic the ball clear from the defense who just headed it in..!!
That goal couldn’t be saved and Sunderland were indeed Unlucky to concede that.
Final score Sunderland 0 – 2 Hull city

Swansea vs Cardiff City
Without their manager, Swansea were the ones to be tensed.. but from.the word go? They showed character and played well.. a series of chances missed by Routledge and Swansea..
Finally, a ball passed to Routledge was finished well by him.
Next half, Swansea looked to play easy and Cardiff came on guns blazing,  with Craig Bellamy hitting the cross bar which was nearly a goal..
Another chance in the penalty are not converted which showed us that Cardiff was into serious business
Then a.brilliant cross by Routledge to dyer who headed it d perfectly..
Routledge passed and dint be selfish..
Again another corner which resulted bony into heading it right into the goal which meant swansea took 3 well deserved points..

Chelsea vs Newcastle
Passes by Etoo have been brilliant during the entire match..
Matic playing a good role..
Lampard taking shots
Cech saving shots well..
Ivanovic playing a good winger performance with his defensive duties..
Hazard was par excellence!!
He indeed is a legend in the making
His form is sky rocketing.
Its too early to call him a star as it needs consistency but for now, the lad is on cloud 9…
The word hazardous is definitely termed for him..
Thus hazards performance can be defined in one word..  HAZARDOUS
Chelsea were very good on the counter attack.
Willian orchestrated the play and his form has been consistent enough in recent weeks.
Brilliant one-two passing by Etoo and Hazard which resulted in the Belgian’s second of the match
A big mistake by Krul almost resulted in a weird goal as he forgot the basic rule that you can’t catch a ball outside the box..
Krul had that happy realization on time. If that would go inside the net, he would be the butt of jokes for the entire month not forgetting the different memes which would horrify him to the full extent
Lampard is back in form and he proved his worth to start games which is a good news..
Salah debuting today almost scored but was denied by Krul.
Newcastle didn’t make the most of their chances and Cech who was aggressive was partly the reason of their not scoring..
Newcastle woke up at the very end of the match which thus didn’t matter..

Apart from Chelsea vs Newcastle and Liverpool vs Arsenal the other reviews are given just by checking the highlights and post match interviews as many matches were showcased at the same time, and only 2 matches were being screened.
Do comment on how you thought the matches fared and if any facts i missed out on!

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