एक नया लीग

We all love something new. Even if it is for the time being.

The word “new” is like a catalyst to all of our smiles like how “discount” is to women!!

In today’s time we have the IHL (Hockey), ISL (Football) and the famous IPL (Cricket) among other leagues.

So when I heard about #EkNayiLeague, it lifted my curiosity to an altogether new level.

The questions come directly guns blazing on my mind like,

  • Which sport will this be related to?

The answer for now I think is “Cricket” as Mr. Kapil Dev, the first Indian captain to win a World Cup for us is leading the show.


  • What type of a show can this be?

I’ve seen a few teasers online and he has mentioned it time and time again, “If you play this game using your heart, you’ll be clean bowled.” So that leaves me with just one option. Where your heart cannot find the answers, use your brains for once!

Maybe this show shall be on the ground of a quiz show where people selected will have to use their wits in order to surpass their opponents.

  • If it’s a quiz show, then what shall be the style of the show?

Yes, this is something which has been running on my mind since a long time. There are so many possible combinations which can be used to run this show. I’ll list some of my wildest thoughts;

  • This can be a quiz on cricket history but can be only played via dancing, acting etc.
  • This can be a quiz based on anything but cricket.
  • Maybe there shall be teams comprising of cricketers from different age groups. Then every team shall have tasks like in other reality shows like Khatron Ke Khiladi, Roadies etc. (P.S – I doubt anyone would even fall for that. I’m ashamed also I got a thought about this.)

These are a few questions which I thought of sharing with you guys.

I also had a few doubts with regarding to the longevity of the show. But I’m pretty much sure this would be a per episode kind of a game.

Even though it’s a league but a team might just feature once every episode.

But there are so many variations possible.

Who knows? Maybe the winning team per episode will progress to the next round and at the ending stages of the league, they all shall face off to decide the winner.

For now my mind is in all sorts of confusion as to what can I expect from this league.

All I know is, that this will be something related to using your wits.

I’m also expecting celebrities and cricketers to grace their presence on the show for the starting episodes. That will be fun to watch.

If you have such ideas about what this league can be about, drop your answers to “EkNayiLeague” and such an image shall crop up.

twitter handle of ek nayi league

Answer it, and who knows if you’re answer is selected, you’ll win 1 lakh rupees.

Yes, I’m serious.

There’s no harm in guessing anyways, so put up your thinking hats and guess what #EkNayiLeague can be all about.

P.S – Images have been taken from EkNayiLeague.com and from their twitter handle @eknayileague

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