E is for Extirpate – A to Z Challenge 2018

E is for Extirpate which means to search out and destroy completely.

Do you have time?

This is a question where most of us without thinking will have two answers ready I.e. “No” and “Why”. Of course, some of us will say “Yes”. There are many reasons we give such responses. Either we are really busy or we do not want to waste our time. We tend to use the 24 hours to our own satisfaction. Now that might sound selfish but it is not wrong at all. Utilizing every day for yourself is a good thing. This then brings me to the word of the day I.e. Extirpate.

We tend to keep a little of animosity, hatred, sadness and negativity inside us. Now this is not a one day thing. They are guests who stay in your heart for longer than they should. Since they overstay, it is our job to kick them out. But as we all know it is tougher than it sounds. These feelings tend to stay and grow within us. For worse, it changes how we react with others. Also, we start to imagine situations which have not taken place. These hurt us and ruin our growth.

When we say we have no time for so many things, I guess we can make some time once we extirpate these ill feelings from within. We have so much to do everyday hence don’t make extra place for hate. Accept the fact that people have their own shit to go through. Your friend will cancel on you for that Ladakh trip and your partner will cancel on your movie plans and also your group will ditch the live football screening + drinking session. There’s no point getting hurt or angry over it. Accept the fact that they don’t want to do it. They have chosen to keep their happiness over yours. That doesn’t make them a bad person. Give them time and your love. In time, you’ll feel better too. That’s all.

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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4 thoughts on “E is for Extirpate – A to Z Challenge 2018”

    1. Hi Nayantara, yes that is the reality and most of us get annoyed pretty quickly now. It’s time to understand!

    1. Hi, yes that is true. Why waste energy and keep such hate within when we can understand and let go!

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