Digitally Fit

Just imagine.
We are a developing nation aching to reach the status of a developed economy.
We have been maximizing our efforts. Also we have been running this race in a handicapped state. Why handicapped you might ask?
The answer is that we are not giving our 100%.
When in a nation, there’s a majority who is practically unaware of what’s happening in their own country, their role in this nation, then how can we expect maximum efficiency?
The answer is plain and simple… We cannot.
So what do we do to get everyone on track?
There is a solution to this issue i.e. “Digital India”
What’s digital India?
Digital India is a government initiative whose basic aim is to bridge the electronic gap between the government and the people. This initiative has a tentative completion date by 2019.
It has 3 components i.e.
  • Creation of digital infrastructure
  • Delivering digital services and
  • Digital literacy.

So basically these 3 ingredients will help make us a perfect recipe for development and transformation.


Imagine having all the government services made available to you electronically.
Imagine you getting all the latest information on latest news, job updates etc on the go.
This will be a stepping stone to success for everyone involved. It’s a win-win.

Why do I say so?
It’s simple. Global information will invoke proactive engagement via social media. Also, if the concept of broadband highways stands true, then there would be at least 2.5 lakh gram panchayats in the country who would also have the same information as us.
There will be thousands of villages who will be covered through mobile connectivity. The impact of this will reflect in our country’s output and efficiency.
If this has to complete we will need a real strong skilled workforce. That can only be possible with suitable IT training which will then help the nation indirectly. 
For manufacturers, there will be incentivized schemes, economies of scale and fewer burdens on taxation for the services they will provide.  
This is the best way to reform our government style of working through technology.
Using IT to improve transactions like;
  • Form simplification, online application tracking, integrating payment services and mobile platforms. 
  • Also, all databases to be transformed in electronic form than the usual manual form.
  • The biggest challenge will arise in automating and solving the public grievances in a faster manner.

Did you know about the latest thing from the PMO office?
Our honorable prime minister introduced #twittersamvaad. Here’s a snapshot which is self explanatory. 

Yes with one miscall you will get updates on all policies, services etc. Ain’t this good?

I believe that when there’s a 2 way communication between the people and the government, there is transparency. With transparency, there would be a proper flow of information, rules etc. When everything is clear, there is no way “red tape” can continue to have its jaws clasped on our success.

Also, information for all means there will be a lot of ideas. Imagine the multiplier effect. More the ideas more will be the scope of employment. It’s like a never ending cycle including the following things,

  • Lot of Ideas
  • Some get implemented
  • Jobs are created
  • Revenue generated
  • Growth is imminent
  • Government encourages entrepreneurship
  • Lot of ideas
  • And the cycle continues.

 Like many of us, Intel too has showed their support towards the “Digital India” campaign. They also believe that innovation can and will drive our nation ahead. Let’s hope for the success of #DigitalIndia.

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