Della Adventures – Best Theme Park in Lonavla

One of my favorite aviators Amelia Earheart once said that “Adventure is worthwhile in itself”.

It is that feeling of doing something full of thrill, not knowing what lies next which makes an adventure memorable. Working 5-6 days a week almost makes me feel like a machine that has a routine to be followed daily. It’s the “Bilbo Baggins” in me (Lord of the Rings reference) a hobbit that waits for the next adventure so he can be free and create a new memory.

On one such occasion, we friends decided to go for an adventure of our own. This was how we discovered Della Adventures.

Where can we find Della Adventures?

Della Adventures is a theme park with more than 50+ thrilling activities for everyone. They are situated in Lonavla, Maharashtra. The closest way to get there is either by Road which would take you roughly 2.30 hours or else by Rail. You can opt for express trains which take less than 2 hours to reach Lonavla station. Then you can hail a private cab or rickshaw to the Adventure Park.

Transportation Pricing:

By Rail, an express ticket must cost you 100 rupees one way from Mumbai to Lonavla. From Lonavla station to Della Adventures, the fare ranges from 100-150 rupees.

Ticketing and Offers:

The average Day ticket along with GST would cost you 2065 per ticket. This includes free rides. If you want a Jumbo Pass which allows you to utilize all the rides available in the park.

For women, there is a flat 50% off only on Sunday.

For those who have their birthday, they get a free ticket for a Day Pass.

Rides and Attractions:

They have indoor and outdoor sports which keep you occupied all throughout the day. For those who don’t like the hot sun and outdoor sports, they can enter the sports bar that houses Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. These virtual games are as follows;

Table Tennis - Indoor Games

Indoor Games: (Air conditioned)

  1. Boxing
  2. Tennis
  3. Dancing
  4. Football
  5. Racing

There are also games like;

  1. Pool
  2. Foosball
  3. Table Tennis
  4. Carrom Board
  5. Chess
  6. Dart Board

Outdoor games:

Mini Games:

  1. Single/Double seat cycling
  2. Slingshot
  3. Crossbow
  4. Della shooting range
  5. Archery
  6. Net Hard Ball cricket

Outdoor activities:

  1. Dog walking
  2. Horse Riding

Adventure activities;

  1. Water Zorbing
  2. Land Zorbing
  3. Low Rope Challenge
  4. Ground challenge course
  5. Roller Zorb
  6. Vertical Rope challenge
  7. Artificial rock climbing
  8. Della Knockout
  9. Ball fighting
  10. High rope challenge
  11. Rocket ejector
  12. Flying Fox
  13. Rappelling

My experience in Della:

These are the games and attractions that you can utilize in the One Day Pass. I really had a good time in the indoor sports bar with all the games like Foosball and also the virtual games like Dancing, Racing, etc.

When it comes to outdoor activities;

  • The Vertical and High rope challenge is something you must not miss. These test your strength, stamina, fear and also the will to succeed. They really are worth the money. Be ready for some bruises on your body.
  • Flying Fox is yet another easy ride where you are tied to a harness and you fly above a good height which gives you an aerial view of Della! Go for this experience and you’ll forget your fear of heights
  • Rocket Ejector is another thrilling ride where you are tied with a harness and then ejected upward. The feeling is like that of pulling a rubber band and then letting go. That moment when you reach up and fall down, that makes you feel so vulnerable. It’s an amazing experience.
  • The indoor games are also worth your time. You can spend the entire day playing indoors too. We liked our time inside the air-conditioned environment.

Food and Drinks:

Della has quite an amazing section that houses different varieties of food and drinks. There are Dhaba styled restaurants, resto-bars that serves wine and fine dining. There’s also a Thali place and also pizzas, burgers and ice creams. So, in short, there is something for everybody. The pricing, however, is between reasonable to high. Nothing is cheaper inside in terms of food and drinks.

My suggestions:

  1. As much as possible go in a group as there are more opportunities and games where you all can play together.
  2. Please try and arrange for a vehicle and go to Della. Using public transport is fine until you leave in the evening with a tired body that just craves rest.
  3. As much as possible have a good and heavy breakfast before you enter the Della gates at 11 am. That would help you in feeling less hungry. No packaged food is allowed within.
  4. Carry a 2-liter bottle, sunglasses, and Cap, a towel and sports shoes. These are basic requirements within and hence please follow them. You can purchase water bottles but they will cost you 60 rupees per bottle.
  5. There is a general baggage counter right at the reception where you can keep your bags. You can visit this counter and use your bag or remove stuff that you want for free. There is also a locker facility inside Della for 400 rupees that can be utilized.
  6. Try visiting Della when it is someone’s birthday or if there are more females in the group. This helps in saving a lot of money in ticketing. Check various offers available for students, ladies and birthday offers.

How do I get to Della Adventure Park?

For people living in Mumbai, you can either take a bus to Lonavla. Then an auto rickshaw ride for 15-20 minutes will lead you to Della Adventures.

If you opt for railways, you can take the Intercity Express from Dadar at 6.52 am and reach Lonavla around 8.45am. Then take an auto rickshaw ride towards Della.

Finally, if you own a vehicle, you can drive directly. This will take a maximum of 3 hours.

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  1. yogeshmankani

    Love such adventure parks. Wish we had one in Jaipur too but I guess the space constraint. Anyways, this one is a great post.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Yogesh, yes it does get your adrenaline high. Apart from the broad daylight heat, all is good!

  2. Sanjay Thampy

    Lonavla is an easy and quick getaway for we Mumbaikars. Della adventure park is definitely an added reason to pack our bags and travel to Lonavla as soon as this lockdown ends.

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