Here’s one smart way to plan a Cocktail Night Party before the Wedding

N is for Cocktail Nights

Planning a cocktail night party before the wedding?

If yes, then let’s get you prepared for it! There are some aspects you will need to be aware of. Once you are okay with those, planning the party will become easier.

1. Firstly, a cocktail party will involve alcohol. Hence if you were planning to save money on the wedding, that might not be fully possible.

Alcohol costs a lot of money and you’ll need to stock enough for the guest list. You don’t want a situation where the alcohol is over mid-party right?

2. Next, there are possibilities that your guests might get tipsier than usual, some might act weird, some might end up puking, and some might even pass out. In any event, you should know what you are getting into.

Now that you are fully aware of these aspects, let’s show you the best way you can plan a cocktail night party.

1. Location – Now paying for a hall or other location will burn a hole in your pocket. If you can host the party in your building compound area, terrace, it will be great. Or if you know a friend/relative who can give you their veranda to party, that will help you save money.

cocktail night party

2. Alcohol – Alcohol costs a lot. When it’s IMFL, then getting it from local dealers is cool. But Imported Liquor costs a lot. Hence you can do the following:

Ask friends/acquaintances flying in from abroad to get you alcohol from the duty-free shops at the airport (Almost half the cost). You can start planning this for months in advance.

If anyone living in union territories like Chandigarh will be coming for the wedding, they can get 5 liters of alcohol per person (Duty-free again). So that’s where you can save money.

Alcohol in Daman and Goa are cheaper too but getting them will be risky with all the police checking.

3. Filtered Guestlist – No one likes guests who make a scene or puke their guts out. You should call people that matter and who won’t make you feel embarrassed. Get your close friends, family members to grace this occasion.

4. Dancing and lots of dancing – Now that the alcohol is in their system and they fairly know each other, get them on the dance floor and start the party.

5. Play some games – It’s fun to play games after drinking. The audience has fun and so does everyone participating. Play some fun and quirky games for your guests.

What are my thoughts on the cocktail night party?

The cocktail night party is one way of getting all the guests acquainted with each other. Consider it like an ice-breaker of sorts where everyone meets and greets. And what better than alcohol to start the proceedings, right?

What are your thoughts on cocktail parties? Share your views in the comments below.

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