Chai Pe Charcha – Food Review

Sir Arthur Wing Pinero once said, “Where there’s tea there’s hope.”

William Ewart Gladstone once said, “If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; if you are depressed, it will cheer you; if you are excited it will calm you.”

I agree with these quotes and I’m sure most of you who’ve ever had tea will agree that’s what Tea does. It has the calming effect to suit your mood, to refresh, and to make sure you’re satisfied till the very end.

So with this enthusiasm, I did visit this place named “Chai Pe Charcha.”


The name itself is self-explanatory.

They have a total of 3 outlets namely;

Chai Pe Charcha – Prabhadevi

Chai Pe Charcha – Lower Parel

Chai Pe Charcha – Fort (Newly opened)

I visited the newly launched place in Fort.


Every place has it’s own distinct style.

They’ve used a lot of colors in the entire outlet and you’re destined to feel like a child when you’re here as the tables have games set up such as Ludo and Chess.


Moving on, their menu has a lot of variety. There’s a lot of variety in;

Tea of course!

Breakfast options like Sabudana Wada, Upma, Kanda Poha, and Bun Maska.

Paranthas (You ought to try many)

Combos (Like a mini-meal)

The menu variety in a nutshell


When we entered this place, these were the two pictures present on either side of the gate.

The above picture depicts what Chai Pe Charcha has in store to offer for their customers. On the other side of the gate is their menu which is too much to fathom and impossible to complete even in 10 outings!

Their menu placed right on the entry. Look at the variety!

I tried 3 types of Tea namely;

Sukoon Ki Chai (Cinnamon and Fennel) which indeed was soothing.

Hajmola Tea – Just to get rid of the curiosity. The taste was exactly how I expected it to be. Chatpata!

Barfi Dum Chai – Cold Tea! (Yes, that’s also new and was a perfect way to end this outing.

Barfi Dum Chai


Sukoon Ki Chai – Liked the style in which they presented the  Cutting Tea along with a sachet of sugar, A tissue, and Khari.

The above image is of a Cutting chai. There’s also a Full glass which is bigger than this!

Of course, having Tea was of prime importance but it’s incomplete without few snacks, right?

Here are a few signature dishes you ought-ta try for sure when you visit them.

Gulkand Bun Maska

Gulkand Bun Maska is a must. It’s perfect and will go well with whichever Tea you’d like to have.

Firangi Khakra – Nachos Style

Firangi Khakra – Nachos Style is for those who like cheese, capsicum, and also khakra! I liked this combo and the name is catchy.

Nutella Pizza

Of course, there has to be chocolate. The Nutella pizza is decent and you cannot hate it simply because it’s Nutella!


Namak and Laal Mirch Parantha

I tried the Paneer, Cheese, Pyaaz, and finally the Namak and Laal Mirch Paranthas. They all are filling, heavy, tasty, and will leave you with a smile and surely a Burp later!

Sabudana Khichdi and in the background, we can see the Ludo Game.

The posts in the lower portion of the image are for everyone who has visited this place. They write something about the place. I did too.

This outlet of Chai Pe Charcha is supposedly the biggest. It can seat a lot more people than both the other outlets.

Chai Pe Charcha is most fondly known as a takeaway place for the corporate folks and people who stay nearby.

Visit this place and I promise you’ll not be disappointed.

Chai pe Charcha can be found in Andheri, Marol, Prabhadevi, Dadar & Malad. So if you wish to find Chai pe charcha near me, check out Zomato!

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