​This is a word apt to define enjoyment in various aspects of life. Basically we use this word with regards to food. When anyone says relish, there’s a dish or a drink that comes to your mind. Yes, your mouth waters and you long to relish that dish till you’re happy.

I’ve been clicking a lot of pictures of the food I eat and thought that it’s best to share a few pictures.

Here are a few pictures where I definitely relished every moment!

Basa fish in Orange sauce
Grilled chicken Burger, Long Island iced tea and death by chocolate!
Best to end with a stomach full serving of desserts!

So, what does relish mean to you?
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6th November – Relish 

Relish meaning and synonym is based on my love for food. There are so many varieties in India today that it will take you a while to try everything.

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