Sheesha Sky Lounge Juhu - The best sheesha restaurant in Mumbai

Sheesha Sky Lounge Juhu – The best sheesha restaurant in Mumbai

It’s been almost 10 months since I last wrote a review for a restaurant. Sheesha Sky Lounge in Juhu perhaps is the first place since lock down that I’ve visited for dine-in.

About the place – Sheesha Sky Lounge is a place for foodies who love lip-smacking food, sip some good cocktails, and smoke sheesha! They can seat up to 100 people that show how spacious the place is. This place has existed for a very long time and many consider this to be,

1. Top 10 restaurants in Mumbai for sheesha

2. The best sheesha restaurant in Mumbai

3. One of the most famous restaurant in Mumbai, and finally,

4. Perhaps one of the best restaurant in Mumbai for dinner.

Yes, the last one might confuse you but after reading my review, you’ll know why this is not just a sheesha place but is quite more than that.

Safety measures – The staff in this Sheesha Juhu restaurant wears masks, maintains distance, and they have a sanitizer on each table. The same applies to the Sheesha lounge in Veera Desai and Sheesha Bandra too.

Sheesha Sky Lounge Juhu Bandra Andheri

Apart from this, they have a huge space and ensure that not everyone gets cramped up. Each table has enough distance and hence you can also consider this to be one of the best restaurant in Mumbai for couples.

Location – It’s situated near Juhu Church and close to Juhu Beach. It’s a 10-15 minute rickshaw ride from both Andheri and Vile Parle station (depending on traffic).

Here’s what we tried on our visit to the best sheesha restaurant in Mumbai:

Mocktails – We had 3 cocktails namely – Spicy Guava, a Watermelon cooler, and Blue Lagoon. Out of these, I found the Spicy Guava to be an amazing drink. It packed a punch.

I will only recommend it for those who love spice and masala!If you’re looking for a tastier option, a watermelon cooler is perfect. For those who love a sweet mocktail, go for the blue lagoon.

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Food – We tried 2 appetizers and 2 mains:


Gosht Barra Chaap – Perhaps the best choice came from the staff. We tried this variant that was well cooked, marinated with spices, and tastes so so good. It is not sweet at all and is good for those who love medium spicy meat appetizers.

Sheesha Sky Lounge Juhu - The best sheesha restaurant in Mumbai

Murgh Tangdi Kulfi Kebab – Chicken drumsticks are wrapped in silver foil, marinated with cheese, cream, and infused with black peppers. The result is a creamy, tasty chicken appetizer. Yes, this is not spicy at all and is more on the creamy and sweet side. But it is damn filling.


Daal Fry – Daal has never felt so good. They’ve made it well and this was purely ordered as a companion to our main course in mutton. While we opted for the yellow daal, you can go for the Kaali daal as the staff recommends it.

Gosht Tawa Barra – This one’s a Lucknow special. Expect a thick gravy that includes minced lamb kebab, along with ginger, and other spices. This is not a sweet gravy but it tastes so good. You’ll surely love it.

For the mains, we tried both garlic and butter naan. Both were amazing and if you’re not a fan of naan, you can opt for rice variants like steam rice, jeera rice, pulao, etc.

Desserts – In desserts, they have just 2 options namely – Gulab Jamun and Phirni. Starting with the Jamun, it was hot, it was sweet, and yes it’s worth your money. Next up is Phirni which was mildly sweet, creamy, and the best I’ve had in a while. So if you love phirni, do not miss ordering it from here.

Sheesha Sky Lounge Juhu Bandra Andheri West
Sheesha Sky Lounge Juhu Bandra Andheri West

Sheesha – They have amazing sheesha that’s served as follows:

Happy Hours Price between 12 pm – 6 pm = 599 rupees (with taxes)

Price from 6 pm onward – 999 (with taxes)

Now you know why they are called as the best sheesha restaurant in Mumbai

My overall verdict:

The quality of food and mocktails is good. The staff is knowledgeable and is always waiting to give you the best of service. They also have good sheesha, and it’s a space for small and large groups alike. So head here and have a great time.

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India China War

Book Review – Watershed 1967: India’s Forgotten Victory over China (India China War)

India China War.

These 3 words have been seen together for 50 years. Even in 2020, we now are witnessing a hostile environment between these 2 countries.

Since independence, many encounters have taken place like,

1. India China war in 1962

2. India China war 1965

3. India China War in 1967

4. Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 (China’s influence)

5. India China War 1987

So it came as a coincidence when I got an opportunity to review “Watershed 1967: India’s Forgotten Victory over China” by Probal Dasgupta.

What is Watershed 1967 all about?

Watershed 1967 is about a story that you might have not heard. There’s a lot that happened in 1967. India’s dominance and victory over their arch-rivals in this period were possible solely because of the actions of many brave-hearts.

Through this book, the author wishes to shed a spotlight on a story that every Indian will be proud of.

Watershed 1967 – Story:

The book is divided into 3 parts. Let me explain it to you in a precise manner.

Part 1 is all about India’s hostile relations with Pakistan from 1962-1965. China meddled in India’s affairs and it felt like India might have to face not 1 but 2 enemies. But India is considered to never attack first or make aggressive moves. What will they do this time?

Part 2 is about the battle in Nathu La and Cho La in Sikkim between India and China. The battle of 1967 is explained in a detailed manner. It shows how desperate China was to not let Sikkim be a part of India. The heroics of our army men will amaze you.

Part 3 is an epilogue post the war that shows relations between India and China from the 1967 war until 2020. Various encounters took place in this time and each snippet will make you realize how much less we know about the India China war.

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My review of this book:

It’s surprising to read a story that I have no idea about. Yes, I’m amazed such events even took place and that the Indian Army was bad-ass back then as well. If you think the story of URI was inspiring, then my friend… you have no clue about the war of 1967.

There’s a lot of history at the start. It’s good to see the author give us a good look at India-China-Pakistan relations in the ‘60’s. You need to know every bit of information as one action leads to a reaction from the enemy.

These events shape up to wars that took place in 1962, 1965, and the final one in 1967. While many only remember China humiliating India in 1962, the wars in 1965 and 67 show India in a new avatar. The strategies, the moves, and every action were taken by the Indian Army left me struck in awe.

Who should read this book?

If you love to read about the Indian Army, India’s history with Pakistan and China, war stories, or have a genuine interest in a good story, this book is for you. It has everything right from good characters, a gripping story-line, and a jaw-dropping finale.

Who should avoid reading this book?

If you are looking for a fast-paced story-line, then this is not something I would recommend. The author explains every action in detail and hence it will take you time to digest every new piece of information. Also, if war stories do not interest you, you can avoid reading this.

Where can I find this book?

You can get this book online on Amazon in the form of Kindle Edition & Paperback

Korean Drama List

The Only Korean Drama List you will ever need – 29 Binge worthy series

Lately, Korean Drama, also known as K-Drama has been trending worldwide with the audiences.

With unique story-lines and fresh content, we have been seeing the best Korean drama series being launched whether it’s romance, thriller, action, etc.

Also, with multiple OTT subscriptions available at our disposal, I have crafted a unique list where you will get the best of Korean drama that has been released since 2013 onward.

Note: This Korean Drama List has 29 Korean drama best series that has a minimum rating of 7.5 on IMDB with 1000+ votes.

1. The Heirs (2013) – Rated 7.5 with 6900+ votes

Our first entry on this list is “The Heirs”. The story deals with a group of privileged and rich high school students. It’s a story that’s filled with drama, doubts on self-identity, wealth, and relationships.

2. Healer (2014) – Rated 8.5 with 5300+ votes

“The Healer” is an out-and-out crime and mystery series that starts with a unique group. This group includes a reporter, a famous journalist, and a mysterious guy known as “Healer”. He has amazing fighting skills.

3. Reply 1988 (2015) – Rated 9.0 with 2800+ votes

“Reply 1988” is a story that will remind you of your youth and get you all nostalgic. The story revolves around five childhood friends and their families that live in one neighborhood. Get ready to witness teenage life and the importance of families in this Korean drama high school story!

4. Descendants of the Sun (2016) –Rated 8.3 with 8200+ votes

“Descendants of the Sun” is a love story between a surgeon and an officer from the “Special Forces”. Quite a fascinating mix of professions this couple has, don’t you think?

5. Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) – Rated 8.1 with 4900+ votes

Let’s bring in a “fantasy romance” story. This love story is special as it’s between a con artist and a mermaid. Watch them meet and fall in love!

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6. The K2 (2016) – Rated 7.8 with 3100+ votes

What happens when a former mercenary soldier becomes a bodyguard of the presidential candidate’s wife? There’s bound to be chaos and madness.

7. Goblin – Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016) – Rated 8.6 with 10200+ votes

Goblin is one of the Top 5 all-time highest-rated Korean Drama and the best romantic Korean drama of a modern-day Goblin who wants to end his cursed immortal life. To do so, he would need a human bride!

8. Stranger (2017) – Rated 8.6 with 4600+ votes

Let’s bring some crime dramas here. The story revolves around a policeman’s death that has been ruled as a suicide. Watch it as the case gets re-investigated and the findings get weirder!

9. Mr. Sunshine (2018) – Rated 8.8 with 3800+ votes

Mr. Sunshine is the story of a poor boy, born in a servant’s family and grows to become an American Military Officer. This is not just a story about war but also about his love story too.

10. Sky Castle (2018) – Rated 8.7 with 1300+ votes

K-Drama has some of the best satirical content. Sky Castle is one of them. This story is about 4 housewives that reside in an exclusive residential area named “Sky Castle”. This story is about love for their children, working for their future, and being too ambitious.

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11. Memories of the Alhambra (2018) – Rated 7.9 with 3100+ votes

This is one unique story. An Investment firm executive travels to Granada, Spain to find the creator of one of the best Augmented Reality games! There he stumbles upon a woman who runs the hostel where he stays. How will their stories entwine?

12. Vagabond (2019) – Rated 8.3 with 3200+ votes

Vagabond is a story about a stunt man who’s broken because his nephew died in a plane crash along with 200+ civilians. He’s not convinced about the crash and starts his investigation. His findings can ruin some big people? Will he find out the culprits?

13. Kingdom (2019) – Rated 8.4 with 27400+ votes

Considered as the best Korean drama on Netflix, Kingdom is one of the fan favorites and is very popular too. It’s a fantasy story about a Kingdom where rumors spread about the King being ill and a mysterious plague that might ruin their village. This is a series that you must not miss.

14. One Spring Night (2019) – Rated 7.9 with 1100+ votes

Let’s bring in a typical love story. Boy loves girl and girl loves boy. But families aren’t ready for this relationship. Will they overcome every obstacle and get together? Let’s find out.

15. Strangers from Hell (2019) – Rated 7.9 with 1200+ votes

This Korean drama 2019 series will give you the creeps. The main lead moves to the countryside for a job and lives in an affordable apartment. While he lives there, weird things start happening. The villain is a dentist by day and serial killer by night. So get ready to watch as this suspense unfolds.

16. Crash landing on you (2019) – Rated 8.7 with 9600+ votes

Crash Landing is a fairy-tale romance between a North Korean military officer and a South Korean heiress. You can only imagine the fireworks in this love story that spans between both nations.

Any Korean Drama list is incomplete without such a story, don’t you think?

17. Romance is a Bonus Book (2019) – Rated 8.1 with 2500+ votes

“Romance is a Bonus Book” is a story about a girl who lies her way to get a job. She then falls for her Boss and they both start falling in love. Get ready to witness a cute and chaotic love story.

18. Touch Your Heart (2019) – Rated 7.6 with 1300+ votes

The storyline revolves around a top tier law firm. Here, you will find a washed-up actress working as a secretary for a cranky attorney. Get ready to watch law and love walk together.

19. Arthdal Chronicles (2019) – Rated 8.4 with 2300+ votes

Arthdal Chronicles is an epic mythical story revolving around power struggles. It’s considered as one of the most unique K-Dramas due to its epic storyline.

20. Hotel Del Luna (2019) – Rated 8.3 with 2800+ votes

Del Luna is a hotel for ghosts and is run by ghosts too. Yes, these ghosts are stuck between life and after-life. It’s going to be a spooky affair right from the first until the last episode.

21. Itaewon Class (2020) – Rated 8.2 with 4700+ votes

Itaewon class is a series that displays the story of a convict released from jail who opens up a restaurant in Itaewon. Here’s to a life post being in prison. This Korean drama 2020 series will make you feel happy.

22. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020) – Rated 8.8 with 6700+ votes

This series is about a caretaker at a psychiatric ward & a children’s book writer. How their lives get entangled professionally & personally forms the crux of this series.

23. A World of Married Couple (2020) – Rated 8.1 with 1200+ votes

Infidelity can have after-effects that range from bad to extreme. In this story, a doctor finds out her husband has been cheating on her. She then decides to exact revenge. The whole series will show both husband and wife trying to get revenge on each other.

24. Hospital Playlist (2020) – Rated 8.7 with 1300+ votes

Hospital Playlist is a story about 5 doctors who have been friends since med school. They not only share their profession but also their love for music and then form a band!

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25. My Holo Love (2020) – Rated 7.7 with 1000+ votes

My Holo Love will show you the after-effects of Aphasia. The lead actor finds it difficult to communicate and starts losing her ability to recognize faces. Her social life gets affected. Will she get better?

26. The King: Eternal Monarch (2020) – Rated 8.3 with 4400+ votes

I can easily tell you this is one amazing series that you cannot miss. It’s about a Korean emperor who uses a mysterious portal and reaches a parallel world where he encounters a police detective.

27. Extracurricular (2020) – Rated 7.7 with 1200+ votes

Extracurricular is a story about a high school student who also is involved in criminal activities. Life gets difficult when a certain classmate takes interest in his criminal secret.

Consolation series:

This Korean Drama list has 27 series that met our set criteria.

While the below 2 series did not meet my criteria, their plot was amazing and hence I’ll share them with you. The stories are unique and you’ll surely love it.

28. Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) – Rated 8.1 with 800+ votes

Mystic Pop-Up Bar is the story of a young man who has a unique ability. He works at a centuries-old bar where the owner resolves her customer’s emotional problems by entering their dreams. Isn’t that unique?

29. Start-Up (2020) – Rated 8.9 with 300+ votes

Finally, Start-Up is a story about young entrepreneurs who aspire to launch virtual dreams into reality. Watch the completion in this industry.

I sincerely hope that this Korean Drama list helps you find the top-rated K-Drama series.

You can enjoy different story-lines, watch Korean drama with English subtitles on various OTT platforms, and enjoy. Let me know if you have already watched any series and what is your review about it.