Valentine Day is nearing. Gift these Skin & Beard grooming products for your man from Bryan and Candy

Have you found the perfect gift for your man this valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is nearing, and men are looking for gifts to show their love. But it is not just men. Women too are in the race and actively gift their partners during this memorable occasion.

Earlier, men and grooming was not something the industry focused on. They limited personal grooming products to women, and men are barely worried. But in the past decade, there has been a shift.

Men are concerned with how they look, and this gave rise to men grooming products flooding the market. You can look for the best hair grooming products for men, and how can we forget the best beard products in India?

There is so much variety that it can get confusing to choose one. So this time around, let me make it easy for you ladies. Instead of finding “which is the best grooming product for men”, you can find men grooming sets.

I will share two gift set options, from the best hair products for men in India (long hair & short hair) to beard products gift sets. This will help you make the best choice for this special occasion.

Bryan and Candy Lion Series Face & Beard Care Kit Gift:

bryan and candy face and beard care kit

There are 5 products in this gift set that take face and beard care to the next level.

Face & Beard Wash (200 ml) – Cleans my face from impurities and conditions beard hair. It is simple and effective.

Beard Oil (30ml) – This beard oil softens stiff beard hair. Regular use helps me maintain a firm beard shape.

bryan and candy face moisturizer

Face & Beard Moisturizer (50gm) – This moisturizer protects your face and beard daily. It is much required for such unpredictable weather.

Clay Face Mask (100gm) – I like this skin detox. It helps to reduce pimples, acne, and other skin concerns with regular use.

bryan and candy de-tan face moisturizer

De-Tan Face Scrub (100gm) – This face scrub helps exfoliate impurities that regular face washes cannot remove.

Bryan and Candy Lion Series Bath Tub Spa Kit Gift:

bryan and candy bath care kit for men

Get a complete home spa experience with these bath and body essentials for men.

Bath & Shower Gel (200ml) – I love this shower gel. The aloe vera hydrates my skin & the body wash is decent for daily use.

bryan and candy sugar scrub

Sugar Body Scrub (100gm) – This was something new for me. It helps in gently exfoliating your skin and evens skin tone too.

Anti Hair fall Shampoo (200ml) – This is a 3 in 1 solution. The procapil helps remove dirt from your hair, reduce dandruff, and help your hair grow better.

5 in 1 Advance Skin Repair Serum (50ml) – This unique serum does a lot for you. It reduces acne spots, dark spots, reverses hyperpigmentation, and much more.

bryan and candy hair styling gel for men

Hair Styling Gel (100gm) – This is one fascinating gel that does its job well. I can style my hair the way I want, and it sticks around for a very long time.

Bryan and candy brand:

Is Bryan and candy an Indian brand? Often, there is confusion. Yes, it is an Indian brand. They designed the products in New York and manufactured them in India. Whenever there is a list of top 10 grooming products for men, you are bound to find bath, face, and beard products for men from Bryan and Candy.

Check out the Bryan and Candy New York reviews on their website for both these gift sets, and find why customers have loved this set. So treat your valentine with the best gift from Bryan and Candy.

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