B is for Bulwark – A to Z Challenge 2018

B is for Bulwark which means a defensive wall.

How many of us can listen to criticism in a positive way?

I certainly cannot do it every time. I try my best to keep an open ear and listen without getting offended quickly. Of course it’s a work in progress but I know I can get better at it. The reason we can’t hear anything against our self is due to this bulwark that we have created. Once this wall is up, there’s no way we listen to anything. The only words ringing in your mind at that point of time is “I’m not wrong” and “I’m correct”. There is no way we can get better in life if we always have this bulwark up every time someone criticizes us in any way.

Although it’s easier said than done, not trying will never help you grow. Also I do agree that sometimes people do judge on any and every action of yours. That is not their job but they still do it intentionally/unintentionally. You might react or not react towards that. There is however one thing you can start doing to get better and that being not to judge.

Yes, not judging anyone is also not easy but helps in the long run. Why did a person do something is not our business and doesn’t need our expert analysis. You will have more of your family and friends come talk to you when they know that you don’t judge them. They have their reasons and all we can do is accept it.

I would like to end this post by saying it’s tough but letting that wall down will help you listen to many perspectives. It’s your call whether to work on it or no. But please do listen to it. Who knows that might help you in some way.

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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6 thoughts on “B is for Bulwark – A to Z Challenge 2018”

  1. Didn’t know the meaning of this word but totally get it. And its something that is very relevant today in social media, don’t you think?

    1. Hi Karen, yes it does help us grow. But I also agree that the walls we put up are difficult.. So much that there’s no way we can reach the other person!

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