Book Review – There is Something About You

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I got to read this book as part of Indiblogger’s book review program. I was intrigued by the title itself. But like they say, never judge a book by it’s cover. So, here’s my review for Yashodhara Lal’s – There’s Something About You.



This book is about a girl Trishna fondly called as Trish. She’s 28, Unemployed, little overweight, single and just wants to be how she wants to be. Thus if you’re around her and trying to change her, then mister you surely are on the block list (if you know what i mean). After being unemployed, she gets a freelance job from the same company that fired her. To get back at them she writes the column in the most sarcastic way possible. Yes, the column becomes an instant hit and thus gets her a job. (Quite amazing how life can get, right?)

Here’s a gist of the characters in the book.

Trishna and her Family:

The story begins with the author giving us a gist of Trishna’s life. The who’s who in her life. Her parents, a friend, work, the city etc. Trish prefers working a lot which means she doesn’t prefer being home. For her it’s not a home sweet home kind of a thing. It’s more like a “Home sweet Hell”. She has her ever complaining mother who always has a say in anything Trish does. Her father is old, has lost major part of his memory but is the reason why Trish goes home everyday.


This is the one section where she sucks the most. She just has one friend i.e. her neighbor Akanksha aka Akku. She is a good friend and always listens to Trish. She has a daughter Lisa fondly called as Leeez who feels her mother has no time for her.


Here’s one section which she hasn’t had any experience on. She has never believed in love and destiny. Then enters Sahil, the geeky¬† guy who feels he has a superpower. He can foresee something in your future if he touches your hand. (Yeah, he thinks he can do that)


There’s Nivedita and Zee who are a part of the editorial team that land Trish the freelance job. She hates both of them to the core and the feelings are mutual from the opposite side too.

What I liked:

The way the author could describe things, situations etc. Since the story is in Mumbai I could actually imagine every sequence. Yes, I could feel like almost watching everything unfold in front of me.

If you can make me imagine it so clearly then yes, you’re awesome.

The day to day problems that Trish faces often can be related to all us working professionals too. Yes we all somewhat go through a string of problems right from work issues, troubled relationships etc. I could relate to a lot of issues and thus i must say that the author has done her homework pretty well.

What i didn’t like:

I hate to write this part as I know how it feels when someone tells what they did not like in my posts. But these are my thoughts which i must share.

The only thing I did not like is the flow of the book. It wasn’t a well gripped one. I usually read a book and am done with it very soon. But this book took me a while. It lost the plot midway. The family drama and the love story somewhat just didn’t connect. I feel it had to be either one of them.


All in all, I did enjoy reading this book. It had a lot of positives and some points to improve on. Every mumbaikar can relate to this book. They’d know the troubles and fortunes of staying in this city.

Hats off to the author for penning down this untypical story.

You can purchase this online on Flipkart by clicking HERE.

Find out more about the author by visiting her page HERE.

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