Sky Watch – Good Friday Images Special

Good Friday Images of the Sky is a special experience.

Here’s my experience of the Good Friday mass in 2016!

As I walked for the solemn mass at 6 pm, the sight that I witnessed was nothing short of exceptional. The sky was just as magnificent as it could be.

I don’t mean to brag but even the best of my edited images were no match for the sky! Yes, I do capture Good Friday images of the sky plainly because that’s the earliest evening mass we have prior to sunset.

The remaining masses take place post-sunset. So today, I have 2 pictures for you where one is edited on Snapseed and one is purely unedited. I will share both the images with you. Hope y’all like it.

As you can see above on the blog banner, that’s the original picture clicked.

Wow, Mumbai weather indeed is a mystery only. Anyway, below is the image that I made a few edits using Snapseed.

Mumbai weather and Good Friday Images special

It looks like the Sky is not happy with what happened to Jesus ages ago! Do you agree?

Also, as per your opinion, what kind of pictures do you like? Are you the person who appreciates using filters to edit and get the right image? Or are you the person who likes the picture to be unfiltered and just be original?

If anyone asked me, I would be the 50-50 kind. During my travel days, I do like some clicks when I edit them and some pictures are just the best when unfiltered.

Read my posts from the Sky Watch Friday theme by CLICKING HERE. And to all you guys, I wish a Happy Easter! Have fun, be merry, and spread the love all year!

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