Zest and Me

5 things that zest up my life.
Until May 2013 reading books was one thing I disliked the most.
Certain events unfolded, when I turned to books to give me the comfort and solitude I needed.
It gave me a way out. Not only that, every book I touched since then has been an embarkable journey as I enter a new world, a new era, a zone of new thoughts.
Reading is not limited to books. I love reading blogs. Different people have different thoughts and I enjoy reading their experiences.
It’s just one life, and so much to read.
Not fair.

Swimming and Exercising:

Now I learned swimming and exercising almost 4 months ago.

It’s not too late till the end, is it?

It took me a while to get used to, but ever since, I’ve been on cloud nine.

I’ve never been fitter than this my whole life.

Swimming and exercising, not only keeps me fit, but also boosts my confidence, keeps me full of energy and gives me happiness.


I do believe music reflects our emotions.
Whether it’s times of sadness, happiness, or times of emptiness, music can always add the element to boost your senses.
Thus it’s no different a situation for me either.
When I’m sad, I listen to songs apt for that mood.
The same applies for happiness.
Music completes me. I’m sure it must be the same for many of you guys.

And how did I miss this one out.
I’m a fanatic when it comes to the world of sports.
Whether it’s me being a spectator or the participator I’m all in.
I like playing cricket and soccer.
I like watching many types of sports too.
Give me a tub of popcorn and a full day of sports and boy I won’t even move.

My blog over the course of 6 months has turned into a part of my life which I cannot let go of.
I write now simply because I love to.
When I witness a situation I feel I should write about it.
When I finish reading an awesome book and I want others to read it too, I write.
When I go for a full day nonstop fun filled outing, I write.
When I click a picture worth sharing with the universe, I write.
If you noticed, whenever I do something, I feel like writing and sharing it with the world.

These are the things that add zest to my life.

There will be some you might relate to.

Some might not.

Why don’t you tell me what adds zest to your life.

Awaiting your replies.


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