Words of my Granny – Priceless!!

This thought got me nostalgic, and brought about all memories with my granny.
Although she stays in Mangalore, we don’t get much time to spend with each other.
A little info about my dear Granny.
She is well over 70, but still looks better 🙂
Hasn’t had much of visits to the hospital, which is a good acheivement.
Always worrying for her sons and daughters is one of her passions.
I do remember some views she had shared with me.
When i was little she mentioned a lot about the hardships she and grandpa had faced to raise the kids, keep the house running.
I didn’t get the point at that time, was too naive.
Of all her stories, i noticed a pattern of one trait i.e “Positivity
Through all the hardships, she remained positive.
There were times, there wasn’t food at home always enough for everyone.
Now, honestly, i can’t imagine what they might have gone through.
Remaining positive is one of the last things which we would do right?
First thing we would do is freak out.
Anyways, now i do understand what she meant, and every-time i am in a situation where i feel its time to give up, i remember this story, and ask myself just one thing. Did they give up?
The answer is No!!
So why should i?
For that matter, we all know what our parents might have done to raise us.
Not everyone was born with a golden spoon in their mouth.
Not everyone had the luxury from birth.
But all our wishes were fulfilled.
They gave us what we wanted.
They took care of us.
They did not give up.
So we shouldn’t give up so easily either.
I have kept these words of wisdom to myself for a long time, i intend to take them to my grave!!

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