W is for Woofits – A to Z Challenge 2017

W is for Woofits which means an unwell feeling; depression.

Firstly, let’s agree that we’ve gotten weaker since the past 2 decades.

What do I mean by that?

While we have accomplished a lot, there have been more cases of people slipping into depression and being mentally ill.

By mentally ill I do not mean just madness. It’s a lot more diverse than you can think.

You cannot judge what can ruin a person’s mood and behavior. All it needs is a push and then everything goes haywire.

Coming straight to the point, I feel that this has being getting worse as we reached the 21st century.

Children either committing suicide over bad marks (75-80% is bad for them).

Also, adults committing suicide over responsibilities / faithfulness etc which they could not fulfill.

Probably, I might be wrong.

Maybe I am going too overboard with this.

But all I try to do is be cautious.

We are readers. We listen, we contemplate, we analyze etc.

I always look out for my near and dear ones. If I have an inch of doubt that’s something’s wrong with them, I’ll confront them.

The things about being sad/dill/depressed is that you feel you will be judged and shamed.

Hence we don’t think of speaking to anyone about it.

Let’s break that shackle. If they can’t come ahead, let’s go straight to them and talk about it.

It’s possible they will confide in you.

Maybe that everything will be alright.

In conclusion, they can be better than ever. Let’s not watch anyone get  Woofits!

That’s all for today!

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