Winning from Yourself – Easy or Tough?

I like winning. I’m also sure you all too love that feeling.

But what if winning gets tougher?

I mean to say what if life gives you such an opponent, that it’s almost impossible to win?

Let me tell you who the opponent is; YOU!

Firstly, we all like to strive, to make it big, to push harder until victory is ours. But then we often end up losing.

By losing I mean we start keeping higher and unrealistic expectations ourselves. And by doing that we put so much pressure that performing well is not possible.

Why put ourselves through such torture?

We can always smile on our little achievements and say “It’s okay” when we falter. Winning from yourself is easy and you can do that by simply understanding that you are human.

You are bound to fall and bound to rise up.

Although it sounds cliched, but telling yourself that you can do it and that everything is possible does give you more strength to face the situation.

Yes, keeping realistic expectations and completing them gives you a morale booster which in turn helps you to get better.

I am an avid follower of that myself and look at myself as a person wanting to get better with each day.

#Indispire edition 208 – Winning from yourself.

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