What we learnt from the FA Cup matches this weekend

I’ll be mentioning the two prime matches,
Manchester city vs Chelsea
Arsenal vs Liverpool

10 Things we learned in Chelsea vs Manchester city match:

1) Chelsea defense was tested with John Terry absent. The defense looked good, but not at their best.

2) Jovetic was surely inspirational and every effort of his was giving hints during the entire match of the impact he will create. He scored a brilliant goal, with another attempt hitting the cross-bar. (Unlucky)

3) Yaya Toure was having a go at whatever ball he got. Unsuccessful though. In the absence of Fernandinho, he has been burdened with extra defensive duties.

4)Samir Nasri is back and this is good news for Man city.

5) Petr Cech has been impressive this season conceding very less goals but that has been the case due to a strong and disciplined defense.

6) Oscar / Lampard were missed, as the need for someone to direct the play from the center was lacking.

7) Kompany was harsh throughout the game but effective.

8) Man City were more aggressive and that’s how they won many duels and the game.

9) Yaya Toure tackled Matic well during the entire match.

10) Not a single decent shot on target, no wonder the blues lost the match and that means, Jose has a lot to ponder upon with this tactical change.

10 Things we learned in Liverpool vs Arsenal  match:

1) The Gunners had the maximum aggression which was effective in the long run for them.

2) Sanago had a decent start with good shots on target leading to the first goal.

3) Liverpool lost possession on regular intervals which meant, Advantage – Arsenal.
    Flamini kept everyone at a good distance from the Penalty area. Experience counts doesn’t it?

4) Luis Suarez felt burdened with extra duties as no one in the mid field was providing quality balls, thus  resulting in Suarez turning into the play maker, rather than going for goal.

5) Alex Oxlade Chamberlain had a brilliant match, and I’m of the opinion that he has the best starting run-up  in the league. The burst of quickness proved to be too good for 

6) The Mesut Ozil we know was back.. the passes, through balls, vision were way above excellence. His passes gave the gunners a much needed boost in their attack.

7) Liverpool deserved a penalty at least again…but the decision went against them.. it could have been 2-2 and from there who knew, the match could have gone either way right?

8) Stevie G was inspirational in the dying stages of the match with his range of short passes, long passes and crosses. Even though it was good, it came late in the second half. Maybe too late to win!!

9) Daniel Sturridge missed chances which were questionable as Liverpool could have led during the match. both attempts to lure away the keeper failed. The match for the lad went bad to worse. A funny moment with him tying shoe laces of Fabianski was hilarious.

10) A request to Arsene Wenger… Please start Lukas Podolski. Its clear that from recent matches, either Giroud has lost form or he has been over used and needs rest. Maybe Podolski is being saved for the Bayern Tie but he is a experienced person and thus his presence is needed.

What do you think about this article?

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