Wake Up

Hi guys.

For today I have 2 questions which for a while have been bothering me. So thought i should have your opinions.

Situation 1:

Have you ever felt like you are under appreciated?
By under appreciated it can mean at work, with friends, with family, or with your better half.
But has that feeling ever stuck to you??
If it has, what do you do at that moment…? How do you fight it?

Situation 2:

Also you as a person, have you ever seen anyone who is being under appreciated? Maybe a brother is not treating his little sister properly or a girlfriend not treating her guy properly and vice versa? Have you seen such things happening?
We have some friends or dear ones who are gems personified, but it often happens they get treated like shit from people around them.
What do you do at that moment?
Do you tell them everything will be fine?
Do you try changing the topic?
Do you tell them they are worth it, and the people around them don’t deserve them?

My View:

These people who do nothing but be good to others often have their hearts peeled slice after slice.
All they do is love back, as they made the choice to love. It doesn’t matter how bad the treatment, they dream of a better tomorrow. They hope things will be good someday.
But till then, it’s ok to listen to some bantering, or get insulted.
What about us?
People like me… I am short tempered. I can’t bear even a line against me sometimes.
I can’t even have the faintest of imaginations of seeing myself go through something as such. 
I have friends who get treated like they are trash by people close to them. In my mind I’m like “Hello… The one whom you are insulting is the very same person everyone wants to be friends with. Yet he or she chooses to be with you. For that you choose to treat him or her like garbage??”
And this has been happening a lot lately. I won’t take names, but it hurts me just listening or witnessing such things. Why can’t people see what’s around them.

It’s said that people spend their life searching for the perfect set of friends and partners but in the end, the diamond was right beside you. You just didn’t open your eyes and look.
I don’t know what good will this post of mine do to anyone, but if you have ever seen something as such happening, I only request you to give the person a reality check. 
Tell them to WAKE UP.
 I know it won’t work completely, but who knows… it might help someone!!

Please read the above 2 situations and answer the below question.

What do you do in both the situations?

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