Here are the Top 5 Digital Print Fabric you definitely must own!

I’m surprised to say that I’ve started getting fond of fabric.

Yes, I’m the same person who’ll go clothes shopping once a year and pick up stuff that’s on sale. Also, my fashion sense is as good as Mumbai Rains (completely unpredictable).

Most credit goes to my partner who loves fabric. For quite some time, I’ve gone fabric shopping with her. Slowly, I have gotten used to it.

Now we have man-made fabrics such as Nylon, Acrylic, Digital Print Fabric, that are looking to break technological boundaries.

That’s when I dug up some information about fabrics which did shock me. The fabric has been with us for over 100,000 years. Earlier, creating fabrics was via renewable and natural resources only.

The future of fabric is amazing. There might be a time where fabrics can light up and change color. Some might react to light, heat, sound, etc. There’s so much that is possible.

What are the types of fabric?

If you wish to understand which fabric is best, let’s check out the various types that exist today.

1) Plain/Dyed: Cotton, Denim, Chanderi, Neon, Raw silk, Velvet, etc.

2) Design/Pattern: Stripes, Animal, Patola, Polka dots, Floral, Ethnic, etc.

3) Indian crafts: Banarasi, Handloom, Tie & Dye, Bandhani, Kalamkari, Monochrome, etc.

4) Embroidery: Sequin, Georgette, Velvet, Lucknowi, Swarovski, Foil print, etc.

5) Pleated: Plain and Printed

6) Dyeable: Cotton RFD & Viscose RFD

7) Printed: Satin, Pashmina, Art Khadi, Uppada Silk, Mul Mul, Maheshwari Silk, etc.

8) Organic: Manufacturing of Natural fabric using organic production systems.

9) Digital: Print designs on fabric using a digital textile printer.

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What is Digital print fabric?

As mentioned above, a digital textile printer works like your home printer. The only difference is that it prints on fabric. There are some amazing designs we recently checked out. I’m sure anyone would like to have these designs in their wardrobe. 

What is the Top 5 Digital Print Fabric in India?

I like digital print fabrics. The look and feel of it differ from all the other fabrics. Hence I’ll share my list of the Top 5 Digital Print Fabric.

Digital Print Fabric in India - Fruits

1) Fruit Pattern–Lycra: If you like fruits, then you’ll surely like this pattern. The fabric is durable, and the pattern is fascinating.

Digital Print Fabric in India - Gamthi print from Rajasthan & Gujarat

2) Gamthi Pattern–Booti Japan Satin: Gamthi print inspired by the Gaam village (known for its heavy embroidery). The design looks too real and is actually just a print version.

Digital Print Fabric in India - Christmas tree fabric

3) Christmas Pattern–Japan Satin: Celebrate Christmas in style with this japan satin print that adds a shine to your outfit.

Digital Print Fabric in India - Pashmina

4) Green & Pink leaf pattern–Elegant blend Pashmina: Get the soft and warm feel of Pashmina with this amazing design!

5) Newspaper pattern–Poly Rayon: Enjoy the old-school vibes with this special poly rayon combination for the newspaper print collection.

Which is the best place to visit for fabric online shopping?

If you want to find some unique and innovative designs like the ones above, then Fabcurate is the right place. Fabcurate is the best fabric store online where you can find multiple designs for multiple types of fabric.

I like their digital print fabric section. The designs here are too good and if getting them will surely amp up your look & style. You can visit them and look for other fabric options as well.

My Fit – My Story

Until last week, I was not at all interested when it came to purchasing new shirts and trousers. It was just another purchase for me. You might think why so? The answer to that is my patience level goes for a toss when I have to find a good pair of trousers. At least some of the shirts come with good fitting but not always.

Don’t get me wrong, but at least half of us guys are least interested when it comes to buying a formal attire due to us not finding what fits us.

We find something that’s either too tight or too loose.

What we have to do in the end is to go and get it altered to our fit.

That’s my story.

Also, many think that it’s the high cost that ticks us off.

Well, that’s one factor but it’s not always the same case. We wouldn’t mind paying up if it’s perfect.

I’m pretty much sure many can relate to that.

Like many I too dream of just walking into a store and finding that shirt and trouser which fits me perfectly without any added discomfort whatsoever.

So when I was in a “damsel in distress” mode, there entered “Van Heusen”.

I browsed through their website to find out about a new section called “My-Fit”.

Now believe me when I tell you, I was speechless with the amount of filters set just to find a perfect shirt. They have shirts for around 6 body types i.e. athletic, plus, slim, tall, healthy and customized. Then there are choices to decide the size of the sleeve, sleeve length, type of cuffs, type of collars and of course the color/fabric of the shirt. Just imagine…. so much so that you find the perfect fit.

Post the shirt, I checked out for trousers where there are almost the same features minus the sleeve length and collars. The best part I liked about the My-Fit is the number of sizes they have accumulated. Usually you find only trousers with even sized numbers i.e. 28-30-32-34 etc. Here you can even find 29-31-33-35 etc.

That was my number one problem. My waist size being 35 I was always in a fix.

I like the 34 one, but it doesn’t like me that much and it doesn’t fit that easy. I have to give up and purchase the 36 size which is loose for me and get it altered. So my problem hereby is solved as I no longer need to run around for finding the perfect fit when I have Van Heusen to help me out.

You can bank on me when I tell you that this is the best solution for all of us. And one thing that you should know is that they have taken a lot of effort in finding out what are our issues and our needs.

It’s like the Marketing class 101. You find out what your customer wants, and you give it to them. Van Heusen has done the same thing. It’s not a customization. They have now added new dedicated sizes alongside the usual sizes available. So they now have a complete collection for one and all.

I had been to their store in Mumbai and the staff attendant provided me with a shirt and trouser as per the information provided by me. (Thank God, I had everything checked on the website itself). Trust me, when I wore that outfit, I wanted nothing else. It felt right, it felt good. The shirt fit well and the trouser was too good. All in all, I went out with a smile on my face. I made an online purchase for the color which I wanted and the end result is excellent.

I tested it on Sunday when I wore the entire outfit for Sunday Mass.


Here’s another close up of the shirt.


My friends liked it, some parishioners complimented me, but the best comment came from my father. Now he is a tough critic. When I reached home from mass, he just looked at me and said “Wow, this is super class”  🙂

That made my day.

Thank you Van Heusen.