Game week 33: Top 5 players who can outperform the rest..!!!

Game week 33:
The title race has been nothing less than a murder mystery novel.
The twists and turns every week, with all teams changing positions, seems to be highly amusing.
Until last week, Chelsea sat on top of the league, to be toppled by Liverpool.
But Manchester City can win their two games in hand, and then take back the first position.
This week can see Liverpool either keeping their position or losing it to Chelsea.
Anyways, like the usual, I’ll list you 5 players who can outdo the rest of the league with their performance.
1)      Luis Suarez:
I think you all should know by now that every pundit; every prediction made by anyone will definitely have this guy.
You cannot deny the fact that this year has indeed been this man’s year.
After losing the first 5 games of the season, this man has then scored as many as he has started i.e.  27 in as many matches.
He has been instrumental in Liverpool’s successful run this season, and he will be the reason for them winning the league also.
With brilliant team mates like Daniel Sturridge & Steven Gerrard, Liverpool will want to capitalize on their time being top spot acquisition
Also, last 3 matches have resulted in him scoring 4 and assisting 3..
That’s a hot streak he has!!!
Sure he will score or assist again.
2)      Eden Hazard:
Chelsea has been riding on the form of this man, who has been toying with the defenses literally.
All season, he has made it clear that he would not settle unless he wins the league for Chelsea.
The Blues must thank him, as apart from assisting, he has been scoring consistently, which has given them points now & then.
Chelsea will look forward to making a statement as they come back from a champions league loss to PSG.
Hazard has been in form, and was the scorer for the Blues in that match.
So do expect him to deliver a good performance.
3)      Wayne Rooney:
Manchester United have been gaining points at regular intervals past few weeks, which means that they ain’t giving up hopes for a better finish to this season.
The man they must thank is Wayne Rooney.
He has been consistently scoring, the perfect play maker, and a positive influence on United’s season.
His past 3 games have yielded in 4 goals.
Apart from the goals, his influence has been what Moyes needs the most from all his players.
He is a one man army, and with Van Persie injured, he has taken the role very seriously.
So do expect him to lead the Reds to yet another win!!
4)      Yaya Toure:
Manchester City has been consistent in the past seasons with regards to the top spot in the EPL.
This season has been no less.
But with injuries to different players, i.e. Sergio Aguero who is indeed the anchor man for City, they lost precious points in many weeks.
The result is still in their favor.
They have 2 matches in their kitty, which if they convert into wins, can lead them into the top spot with a 1 point lead.
Their anchor man this season has been Yaya Toure.
From scoring goals, to orchestrating them, he has played an all round performance for city.
With less than 7 games remaining this season, City will look forward to keep winning.
That’s the only way they can win the league!!
Toure’s last 3 matches have yielded in 4 goals, which is very good for a midfielder.
So do expect him to fire..!!
5)      Jay Rodriguez:
Soton i.e The Saints have been on a dream run past few weeks.
They are aiming to finish for the last UEFA Cup playoffs spot.
That would be a huge success for them.
They have many people to thank right from their defenders; Lovren, Fonte & Shaw.
Also their influential midfielder Adam Lallana who has been in red hot form for the team this entire season.
But the man who has been in red hot form lately is Jay Rodriguez.
4 goals in the past 3 matches; the fact that he has been scoring once at least from the past 4 matches shows what Southampton is willing to do in order to win.
Do expect a full throttle mode from Soton as they will look forward to derailing Manchester City’s title bid..!!

Game-week 32 :: EPL is just getting Hotter by the day!!

We witnessed the mother of all game-weeks last week.
With its twist and turns, the top spot contenders will now be fighting for keeping themselves in the top 4. 
Yes, I’m talking about Arsenal who has one more deadly match i.e. with Manchester City.
If they lose tonight, then it’s all but over for Wenger’s boys.
The Gunners have had the most disappointing weekend by collecting just 1 out of 6 possible points.
Not to forget Wenger’s 1000th game which ended in tatters as his team went down to 10 men, the referee red-carded the wrong guy, and they lost by 6 goals!!
Also their best player i.e. Aaron Ramsey who was their best player until he was buried deep in injuries keeping him out till mid April.
That’s sad news for them.
It seems everything is going against them.
They can’t afford to lose some more, can they?
Anyways, let’s move on to Manchester City.
These guys have 2 matches in hand & are 3 points behind table contenders Chelsea.
If we do the math properly, then by winning two games in a row, they can be on top spot with a 3 point lead.
Cool isn’t it?
But this will be their toughest test.
They gathered all 6 points last week, not to forget winning the Manchester derby as usual.
So, with the form they are carrying at the moment, getting 3 points shouldn’t be the problem.
Thus this is the match of the weekend i.e. Manchester City vs. Arsenal

Now let’s look ahead to the top 3 players to look out this weekend:
1)     Yaya Toure:
This guy has been instrumental to City’s success over the years.
With goals and assists pouring in, he along with his team-mates have been the ones to make sure that City be on top.
His past 4 games record:

5 goals & 1 assist.
That’s enough to prove the red hot form he is in.
The Gunners will need to be ready to face City who will come all guns blazing.
I just have one thing to say to Arsenal,
Like they say in Game of Thrones,
     “Winter is coming”
2)     Romelu Lukaku:
      This man has been Everton’s driving force since day one.
      Although he is on loan from Chelsea, he had vowed to score more goals than any Chelsea striker this  term.
He has done that successfully.
The only Chelsea player to beat him is Eden Hazard.
He has been plagued with injuries and thus has missed out on many games.
Since returning he has played just 4 games out of which he started in 3.
His past 4 games record:

3 goals & 1 assist.
Decent enough for a guy who has returned since an injury keeping him out for a month.
He will make sure to keep the distance Everton have with Spurs.
Also there is another high possibility
If Everton win, they come within 3 point distance with the Gunners.
That would be the most surprising situation as Everton can then fight for next season’s champions league qualifying spot..!!
3)      SAS:
SAS a.k.a Luis Suarez & Daniel Sturridge have been the pick of the season.
Their goals and assists tally can give many teams the blushes.
They have both been in striking red hot form.
With Suarez looking forward to scoring 30+ goals in a season & Sturridge also chipping in with 20+ goals, there is no reason why Liverpool can’t finish on top spot.
Sturridge & Suarez’s last 4 games record:

7 goals & 7 assists.
So many in just 4 matches.
These two will go guns blazing when the match begins itself.
Tottenham will have to get their strategies in place or be ready to be humiliated again by Liverpool.
Let’s witness this game-week which can change the Top 4’s future again.!!
Please Note:

The stats have been taken from

EPL Game-week 31 – The Decider of the 1st Spot..!!

P.S – For every fantasy premier league follower, now is the best time to make 3-4 transfers if needed, as there are 15 matches this week.
Honestly, so many match ups, so many situations this week.
Did you know, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City can get the top spot, if the others fail.
So much of competition I tell you this year of EPL has been!!
Anyways I have to mention the best 3 things to look out for.
Let’s start.
1) Chelsea vs. Arsenal:
This match will mark the 1000thgame of Arsene Wenger for Arsenal..!!
But Mourinho stand’s in his way.
Chelsea for now is on 1stspot.
If they win, they can keep that position for some days at least.
Wenger will want the win not only because it’s his 1000th game, but also for boosting Arsenal’s chances for winning the league.
So look forward for a power packed early kick off!!
2) Manchester Derby:
This is one derby which has been brutal for many years.
Lately it has been City who has won the battle of the Manchester’s!!
That too with huge margins
Everyone remembers the drubbing united got i.e. 6-1
But we shouldn’t count them out now.
We have seen their UEFA performance and you cannot judge them anymore.
It seems Moyes will try his best to salvage some pride!
3) Liverpool:
Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge a.k.a “SAS”
These two have been phenomenal this season.
Their tally of goals has bettered some teams who overall can’t beat their tally.
Liverpool has been in striking form with their caption Stevie G who has played an anchor role, playing balls from the deep and indeed playing a captain’s role.
With two fixtures this weekend, they would want to garner all 6 points which potentially can give them the top spot for some time.
Thus indirectly the top 4 can outwit each other for the top spot.
Let’s see who prevails on top.
Who perishes!!
Again, whoever has a Fantasy premier league team, do make the best changes.
Will this week be the best of all game-weeks?
Let’s watch it out ourselves!!