Luis Suarez – Liverpool’s precious!!

Luis Suarez..
The Man who is good with his legs,
The Man who is good with his head,
The Man who is good with his teeth! (Pun intended)

The English Premier league has been taken by a whirlwind of a performance by this man.
He missed the first 5 games due to a suspension.
Why the suspension?
Simply cos he bit a player during a match!
(Seems like he showed his manager how hungry he was for the win!!)

Jokes apart, Since then, various pundits, scouts termed that he has gone off track and everyone else has gone on a new level.
He missed two months of EPL but when he returned i bet hardly 1% of the fans would predict such a turnaround in his performances.

Here are some stats: 

Matches   Goals    Assists
    23             23          19

That’s right!!
The stats you see above is usually of a player who has finished an entire season.
But this man has achieved so much already with 10 games to go for Liverpool.

So as usual, whenever someone gives such exceptional performances, various thoughts roam in our mind,
Ballon D’or winner? EPL Player of the year? Golden Boot winner?

These thoughts are bound to get anyone’s attention and thus everyone start keeping expectations.
It finally seems like Ronaldo, Ribery & Messi will have a good comeptition from Suarez.

That can only happen when he gets more support from his team mates like never before.
I have a question for you guys.
Do you think Suarez is selfish?
My take is that he is the best team player any team can wish to have.
He doesn’t seem to be riding solo.
He looks to get his team 3 points every match with the dream of securing a Champions league berth for the next year.
With the form he is carrying along with his other team mates I’m pretty much confident that Liverpool will finish in the Top 4.
Also he gets to concentrate more on the league as Liverpool are not involved in any cup competitions, which rules out any reason of fatigue.

Now for his competitors,
His team mate Daniel Sturridge has 18 goals in his kitty.
Also, Sergio Aguero has 15 goals in this season.
Unlike Suarez’s suspension, both contenders have had injury issues which kept them out for more than 6-7 games.

Now we have 9 weeks of EPL remaining.

Do you think Suarez will cross the 30+ mark?

Do you think Sturridge or Aguero will find their prime form and steal the player of the season award from Suarez?

It will all come down to the last few weeks of the EPL…

 I think Suarez will increase his tally and take a lead impossible for the others to reach.
Thus Liverpool will have to keep him happy as,

“He scores when he wants, He scores when he wants
 Luis Suarez, he scores when he wants”
And when that happiness, Anfield will rejoice and enjoy the success!!

What do you think about this article?

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