Taboo Wedding

“Inter Religion Marriage and India” is yet another topic which we bloggers can write volumes and volumes of thesis on.

My last post “Quit Being A Stereotype”  a part of Indispire #24, displayed a habit we Indians have to let go soon before we meet our doom.

Indispire #25 follows suit with yet another debatable topic i.e. Is Inter-religion marriage still considered taboo in India?

The answer is YES.

Here’s the link to the above picture:
And these are just some of the old articles from different newspapers.
There are many such disturbing news which hurts your gut.

The question arises; why so serious on such an issue?
You fall in love with the person and not their religion.
You don’t ask a person’s religion before falling in love with them.
Then why such a fuss to starting a new life together?

Like in my previous post, I blame this to our stereotypical thinking which has been carried forward for generations now, I guess.
Maybe five to ten failed couples’ stories have been made as the benchmark for everyone who ever tried to take the marriage step.

And those stories have been used in the below fashion;
“Inter religion marriages never work Beta. We have seen the world more than you. We know everything. Many have taken such steps and then regret their mistake.”

Like seriously what are the parents scared about; Is it that if the marriage takes place, later the kids born as a result would be of a deformed/alien form?

What’s even worse is that if the couple elopes and gets married then it’s like the crime of the century and all everyone can think of is capital punishment. Don’t know much about what happens in Bombay, but it means death or banishment from the villages.

I don’t know if I’m right in plotting this, but even honor killing can be a grave possibility for the girl and boy.

In today’s time, homosexuality is being accepted abroad, and here we are fighting against inter religious marriage.

On the contrary, I also would love to point out a line said in a fellow blogger’s post.
We as youth have our thinking on a completely new level, but the world around us functions slower than that.
When we say the world is evolving, it’s not as a whole. There are some places where the speed of evolving is slow.

So, all we can do is hope things gets better.

This post is written as a part of Indispire #25. To read many such interesting posts,

Also, I need to know if you agree with the views expressed above or if you have better suggestions. Let’s get talking. 

What do you think about this article?

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