Samvene Cafe – Best Bagel Cafe in India

I had recently been to this place named “Samvene Bagel Cafe” with branches in Malad and Thane. It specializes in Bagels, Burgers, Cold coffees ice creams, muffins, etc.
Just jotting down the food list got me hungry. This was my first encounter with bagels and boy was it a good one. Anyways the variety in Samvene Bagel Cafe is really good and so are their bagels. Also, their Irish and Hazelnut Coffee is by far the best I have ever tasted.
They also have a brownie with ice cream that’s like the dessert you exactly need after a good snack. The Ambiance at Malad, Thane, and every other Samvene Cafe is decent and so are the prices.
You can get a Bagel meal for just 150 onward. The meal option includes a bagel along with a generous portion of french fries, and a soda of your choice. Three different dips will be given along with the meal that allows you to experiment a lot with your taste buds. 
Apart from the usual vegan and meat options, they also have Tuna Bagels that are also delicious and Highly recommended. In short, money-wise, this is a good choice for foodies to enjoy lip-smacking food at reasonable rates.
Here are some of the food pictures captured at Samvene Bagel Cafe so that you get a good idea about the food and the place. 
The Brownie with the ice cream!! *Droollll (price range 69-89 rupees)
Now that was an extraordinary time!! Look at those bagels.. 🙂

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