Streets of India Festival Review – The Earth Plate, Sahara Star

Visiting Sahara Star is always a pleasant experience.

It always has this positive vibe that adds as a catalyst to my happiness. They showcase food festivals all throughout the year. This is good for any foodie who loves, breathes, and looks for new cuisines to devour.

The Earth Plate is now showcasing a new food festival; “Streets of India” where they have on display food from a variety of streets in India like Hyderabad, Mathura, Amritsari, Mumbai, Kolkatta, South India, etc. You will find a variety of food + desserts to choose from.

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Anyways, coming back to the Festival, we will try a few food items that are nothing short of amazing. I will make it a point to try most of the items that I have never tried because devouring all the food would take me 2 days at least. Anyway, here are some of the classics I will try;

Aloo Chaat at Streets of India, Sahara Star

This is the Aloo Chaat from the “Mathura Chaat” stall.

I wish to visit north India soon solely for the food they serve. This is because I believe their street food there is second to none. The variety is also something that stands out from the rest. There’s a live counter where for chaat preparation.

The chaat ingredients spread

Next, we will try the “Kheema Tawa” live counter at Sahara Star.

Different meats like Boti, Kaleja, Bheja, Gurda, is available. These meats are live on Tawa. This meat is served with sliced onions and fried Pav. I will try the Boti and Bheja.

Live counter at Sahara Star

Next, we will try the counter with the cold cuts at the Sahara Star.

Here the frozen items are kept on display and you can choose as per your preference. From fish, chicken, and lamb, I will choose to opt for butter garlic prawns and herbed spiced lamb.

This is prepared and served with 3 different dips. As usual, my love for lamb is justified. They will surely prepare it well. When it comes to cooking lamb, beef, and pork, if you don’t cook it well, the result is not good. Here, I can happily say they have done a good job.

Lamb, Beef and Pork at Streets of India

Post this, we visited the Kolkata stall.

I always adore Kolkata and its people. They are calm, chilled out, and have some amazing food varieties. The momos and paranthas and tea is exceptional.

Here at the food festival, we will try the chicken momos which are decent enough and we will also try the Mughlai chicken parantha. This is highly recommended. This is served with mustard sauce and the result is amazing.

Kolkata special at Sahara Star

The Lucknow stall had all the kebabs you could think about.

Veg or Non-veg, they have all of it on the skewers waiting for you to choose. I will try the Chicken Zafrani Kebab as usual. This is masaledaar and a bit spicy. I love it. It feels like we are getting lucky with our choices. But I didn’t mind.

Chicken Kebab at Sahara Star

Moving from counter to counter and choosing the next cuisine is really a tough task. With such a huge spread, it can get confusing as to what you want to eat next!

Anyways, we will narrow it down to the “Appam and Dosa” stall next which is the specialty of South India. We will try the chicken appam, served with chutney. Requesting you to have this immediately. As if kept for long, the appam can get hard.

Appam and Dosa in Sahara Star

At the end of this, we will try to taste the spread of desserts. They have a huge variety of over 25 options. There is a stall separately just for jalebi and rabdi. Yes, and it is totally worth it. Below you can find pictures of a few of the desserts that I happened to try!

Cheesecake special
Blueberry cheesecake
Malpua special
Kesar dessert special
Kesar special
Dessert spread
Macarons at Sahara Star
Macaron special

Apart from this, Sahara Star has a good set of options for mocktails.

The list includes the likes of pink guava, blue curacao, buttermilk, jaljeera, and lassi for the end of the meal.

Notably, for a price set at 1999+tax per person, this is a steal of a deal. Unfortunately, this ends on 15th August which is just 3 days from tomorrow.

Hence I urge you to go ahead, visit Sahara Star, and have your fill of street food all over India. They have something for everyone. Taste-wise, this is an event you must not miss.

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    1. Hi Jayanthi, definitely it was an amazing experience. The food from different streets of India was like a moment in paradise for me.

    1. I’m telling you, I had a tough time choosing what to eat and also calculating how much space I have in my tummy for it!

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