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The concept of Fine dining in Bombay is ever-growing. This is because we have been demanding for good food a lot and we don’t mind shelling money for it. Royal China Fort is one such place that serves authentic Cantonese cuisine and promises you to have an amazing time as they’ve been doing it for the past 14 years!

Yes, they’ve been here for a very long time and hence you can trust them. You can find them all over India. Here are some of their outlets:

Royal China Pune

Royal China Delhi

Royal China Mumbai

Royal China Nehru Palace

Location and proximity of Royal China Fort from Station:

Royal China Fort is located behind Sterling Cinema. It’s a 10-minute taxi ride away from Churchgate station and just a 5 minute walk away from CST station.

Royal China Fort Ambiance
Lighting and seating at Royal China Restaurant Mumbai

Ambiance and seating in Royal China Restaurant

When I entered this place on a Monday evening at 9 pm, it was almost packed. They have a place which can easily seat around 70 people. They have a private dining space too which has 2 tables that can seat 12 on each table. The lighting is a bit dim and also there is no space congestion as such.

Royal China Restaurant Cutlery

Food and Drinks (Appetizers) in Royal China restaurant:

We got to try 3 types of dim sums and 3 appetizers along with 2 cocktails per person.

Godfather: A classic whiskey-based cocktail that never ever disappoints me. I always try the whiskey-based cocktails wherever I go and this was amazing as it should be. A must-have!

Royal China Fort Buffet

Mai-Tai: Mai Tai is usually a white rum-based cocktail with more fruit in it. Unfortunately here the rum was overpowered and hence it felt more like a fruity mocktail. Maybe an off day but they can certainly improve on this.

Daiquiris: I had the kiwi version of this. Tastes really good.

Royal China Fort Daiquirus

Old Fashioned: Another whiskey-based cocktail. Similar to the Godfather and yes, similar is my review for it too. It’s too good and strong in taste. Not for the faint-hearted.

Royal China Fort Mumbai

Prawn Crab-meat and Black Pepper Dumpling: I’m really surprised by what they have achieved here. This dumpling had the right amount of meat and pepper which balanced well. It is not spicy and has a good taste.

Dumplings at Royal China Restaurant

Chicken and Chive dumpling: My verdict for this is OK-ok. Unfortunately, I’m to blame for this. We’ve tried so many chicken dumplings with masala that our taste buds are used to it. I continuously kept comparing it to the ones I’ve had elsewhere and this couldn’t live up to it. But overall it’s still good.

Dumpling at best chinese restaurant in Fort Mumbai

Wild Mushroom Crystal Dumpling: I’m surprised to say this but this was the best dumpling of the night. Yes, the staff recommended this and we are glad we listened to them. It’s soft, tender, non-spicy, and has a good taste.

Best Chinese Restaurant in Fort Mumbai

Smoked shredded chicken: The Cantonese cuisine is drier than gravy options and hence the shredded chicken here felt like the dry chicken pieces which we have as appetizers. It’s decent no doubt but without any sauce/dips to accompany it, it will definitely feel drier.

Tenderloin in Truffle Oil: Yes, this was a revelation. The tenderloin was well cooked and the meat was tender. It did not take much effort for me to keep chewing it for a long time. Tastes good.

Steamed prawns with Garlic: A must-have for those who like prawns. The prawns here are accompanied by soy sauce and garlic. The overall result is an awesome prawn dish.

Best Chinese restaurant in Fort

Main Course at Royal China Fort:

Egg Fried Rice – Chicken Fried Soya Noodles: We were provided with vegetable gravy and a sauteed whole garoupa fish. To accompany those were egg fried rice which is nothing but wok-tossed rice with egg. Trust me, this is the best egg fried rice I’ve ever tried this year for sure. Soya noodles were decent but can be avoided.

Shaolin Monks Vegetable Pot: This pot has a lot of exotic veggies mixed with sauces that are perfect for you to end the night here. This is more on the sweeter side and if you prefer a nonspicy dish, this is what you can try!

Best Noodles at Royal China Fort

Garoupa fish – I loved their style of serving an entire fish on a huge platter. This was served topped with ginger, red chilies, and spring onion on a base of soy sauce. Amazing and a must-have for those who like their fish.

Garoupa Fish at Royal China Mumbai

Desserts at Royal China Restaurant:

Mud Cake with Ice cream: They can never go wrong in food and drinks. Hence expecting them to make a mistake in desserts is a crime. The chocolate mud cake was well made. It was thick and very tasty. To accompany this was vanilla ice cream. It complimented the mud cake well.

Dessert spread at Royal China Fort

Steamed Buns with Creamy custard: This is an unusual dessert and I must recommend you try this. The bun is steamed and there is a creamy custard filling inside. Yes, it’s a bit warm but that does not take the taste away.

Buns at Royal China

Conclusion for Royal China Restaurant Menu:

Overall, I have visited a few fine dining places this year and Royal China Fort definitely deserves one of the top spots. They’re really good with the food menu, drinks, desserts and also with their hospitality. The staff here needs a special mention.

For the time I was there, I noticed all the time the staff were on their toes and looked around if the diners needed something. This is commendable.

Indeed they are on the costlier side as every dish will cost you over 450. But that should not stop you from visiting this place once a while as the food is worth it.

Royal China Fort Zomato Menu

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