The Never Ending Story of A Pig, A Pony & A Frog – Part 2

Hello people and fellow animals.

Let me tell you the next part in this never ending story of 3 animals and their antics.

The chapter we discuss today will be about Pony’s 22nd Birthday (which is quite a lot for a pony 😛 )


So it was a sunny afternoon on 7th June.

Traveling to Vasai from Andheri meant a lot of pain for the pig and the frog.

But we somehow managed without getting hurt.

A mini-hall was booked for this event.

9 friends graced the event with their presence and we all waited for the Pony to arrive.

P.s – She had no whatsoever clue that there was a surprise birthday bash organized for her.


P.S – We had dibs on which face of pony we would eat.. 😛

It was somewhere around 1pm, that pony entered the hall.

She saw her friends, which then resulted in a series of “Oh My God” and all.

Then she saw her fellow animals too.

I guess I might have told this a lot to her, but she has never looked that beautiful ever.

Those expressions… wish someone gave us a warning signal that she was arriving, so we could shoot the entire surprise sequence.


The epic moment.

Now, as the law goes, the cake feeding session is always the best only when it’s mashed right on the birthday girl’s face.

We didn’t mash it on her face completely, but did what we could.


Now we all know, who is pony in the picture.

Apart from her fellow animals, were her other fellow best friends who have been with her much before we entered her life.

Pony, seriously this pose?

 Which includes these girls i.e. Kimberly, Bijal, Sweedal, Ashwita and Janhvi.

P.S – This is the evening “girls only” party given for Pony. She even got a second cake 😛


wpid-img-20140607-wa0009.jpgIsn’t that lovely?

Also, the guy who deserves more credit than any other is the organizer, Eldred.

Right from the arrangements, to getting all of us on time, he did it all.

Thanks a ton mate!

wpid-img-20140612-wa0031.jpgOne picture with the organizer.

P.s – If he were an animal, we would definitely call him the giraffe!


 Selfies are mandatory, when Kimberly is around


 For some reason, this looks like a movie poster…


 The 3rd cake… How lucky can you get 😛

So she finally ended her day with 3 cakes and that’s really great.

 Good food, Good pictures and a good time is what we all had.

Met new friends too… 🙂


Now, this post would be incomplete without one thing.

Our photos of course…

Here is a small compilation of the 3 of us.

wpid-img-20140612-wa0017.jpgThe pig, feeding the pony 🙂


Now that’s how you feed a cake.


No comments…


Oh, this is the best of all time. We can’t let go of such opportunities.


That’s when the pony thought, enough is enough. If she got cake on her face, then it’s mandatory for us to have the same.


Aren’t we cute?


I clicked this, and i so like it… <3


All smiles… 🙂


This is our standard pose. Pony often gets sandwiched in the process. We don’t mind. 😛


Picture perfect <3

It’s been a terrifying time with these two animals.

The birthday party was no less.

Time and time again I always wonder how we 3 ended up like this.

I don’t want the answer.

A 1000 word essay is less for me to tell what you’ll mean to me.

I’m happy we are like this.

Happy to know you’ll.

Happy to be around you’ll.

Lots of love,



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