Eye of the Beholder

Music forms an important part in my life.
It has always been there for me.
Cheered me when I’m sad.
Made me happy with different tones.
Transported me back to fond memories.
In short, music has been my go-to-guy..!!

Through this post, i would like to share with you guys, some songs which are brilliantly made, and are pleasing always to my ears.

For many, a song seems to be good, when the singer or the band performs it.
For me, i see the effort the entire team has taken to create an art, just to make us listeners happy.
This song has been my favorite for 1 reason.
The entire cast who were a part of the studio album, lent their voices and created this majestic beauty of a song. I still get goosebumps when i listen to this.
I like the video. You can see the happiness, the team work, the unison of different voices, churning into one unified voice, which is just the perfect combination anyone could ever create.

This is yet another song which i enjoy listening to anytime. Everyone who has been a part of this song have performed phenomenally. Right from the lyrics, to the tune decided, and the choice of instruments used for the song have been bang on target.
I have been addicted to this song from a long time, and i don’t think I’ll be bored of it soon.

I might sound biased about reviewing her, because i’m head over heels for her. I’m in love with her voice for a couple of years. Her choice of words for every song might sound similar to all of you, but what you don’t realize is that every song of hers is based on a situation which s described in her song.
The video which i have chosen for this post is from her concert in Albert hall, London where she had performed “Someone Like You” & “Rolling in the Deep”
Why did i choose this?
Because in music i also enjoy the crowd’s response to your song.
Imagine you singing, and your spectators humming and tagging along with your voice.
The whole room is filled with voices which spurt out similar words.
In this video, just the power of the crowd is astounding, and the way they play their part as chorus is just too good to be true!

This is my last choice for this post.
I enjoy music in these shows, as they portray songs in a very different manner, which is soothing to a lay man’s ear also.
The unplugged versions just take the song to an all together level.
The entire cast for a song changes as per the patter of the song.
You’ll see musicians from different ethnic cultures coming together and creating a masterpiece with their work.
I’ve been just in awe with their work.
It’s because of people like them, that we can sit back and enjoy music.

Thus i would like to end my post by saying that when you hear a beautiful piece of music, don’t just applaud the singer… look around.. as there have been many other people who deserve a round of applause too!!
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