L is for Lucky Block Crypto (LBLOCK) – A2Z Challenge 2022

The concept of a lottery is well-known to everyone.

LBLOCK is a decentralized lottery built using blockchain technology. This lottery will not have any security, liquidity, or delayed payout issues. While some call it gambling, this cryptocurrency wants to make the lottery system fair and profitable for all.

Before explaining this cryptocurrency, I wish to let you know this entry is purely speculative.

What is the Lucky Block crypto coin (LUCKY)?

The Lucky Block crypto coin(LBLOCK) is the native currency of the Lucky Block network. There is a maximum capped supply of LBLOCK coins at 100 billion. According to the LBLOCK website, there are 37 billion coins in circulation. Similarly, if the circulation reaches maximum supply, we might see the price escalate.

LBLOCK Lucky Block cryptocurrency live price today as of 14th April 2022:

Lucky Block crypto price INR – 0.16 INR

Lucky Block crypto price USD – 0.0021 USD

Why should I buy the Lucky Block crypto?

Here are a few reasons you must consider investing in the LBlock coin.

1. This is a decentralized lottery system. Hence, there is no scope for cheating, bias, and delay in getting your winning amount.

2. Just for fun. Apart from the lottery aspect, this coin offers no good reason for investment. You can buy it to play the lottery and try your luck.

What is the use of the Lucky Block crypto coin?

Here are a few use cases of this coin that regular investors must know.

1. Using the LBLOCK crypto coin to take part in the lottery.

2. Paying fees for any transactions on the network.

How to buy Lucky Block crypto in India?

There are many cryptocurrency apps in the market where you can purchase the Lucky Block coin. However, I believe the best cryptocurrency apps in India are these two platforms that I have been using – Binance and WazirX.

I have read good Binance reviews from customers in India and abroad. Both Binance India and Wazir X are easy-to-use platforms, and I have never faced problems while depositing or withdrawing money.

Here are the basic steps you must follow on each cryptocurrency app.

1. Sign up

2. Add a Bank account

3. KYC verification

4. Deposit INR/USD in your wallet.

5. Start trading

Lucky Block crypto price prediction:

In 2022, the LBlock coin grew from 0.15 INR to 0.68 INR, a whopping 353% increase in 2 months. If you invested INR 1500 and bought 10,000 LBLOCK coins, their value in 2 months would be INR 6,800.

In 2022, the cryptocurrency market is going through a bear phase. The LBlock crypto coin has fallen to INR 0.19 today. Hence, price predictions have taken a severe hit. However, if you believe in the future of the Helium network, I see them ending the year between INR 0.38 – INR 0.47 (100 – 150% growth.)


1. Is cryptocurrency legal in India?

Yes, cryptocurrency is legal in India. From 1st April 2022, if you buy any digital currency, you will incur a 30% + 1% TDS cryptocurrency tax in India.

2. Can the Lucky Block crypto be converted to cash in India?

Yes. You can buy the Lucky Block crypto on multiple currency exchange platforms in India. These platforms support buying the LBLOCK coin in INR.

3. Is the Lucky Block crypto coin a good investment in 2022?

This is purely speculative. Considering this coin and the lottery element, I suggest you spend up to $100 on this token.

4. Which is the best research tool for cryptocurrency online trading?

I am a diehard Token Metrics fan. Their ratings and analysis allowed me to uncover hidden crypto gems. For any newbie or experienced professional, having Token Metrics is the best thing possible. If you sign up using my special link, you will get a LIFETIME discount of 10% on all plans.

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