A Journey with the TATA BOLT

Lonavla – 19th April 2015


It’s said that traveling helps everyone in mysterious ways. For me, it’s just leaving everything behind. I mean it… Everything!

Since I’ve started working, the only thing I dream of is going away somewhere. Anywhere but here! I’ve asked friends, colleagues so many times already that I’ve lost count.

Finally, when I got a chance to sit in the new TATA BOLT and get hauled all the way to Lonavla, what you think my answer would be?


I began my Sunday morning in Café Infinito for breakfast with few bloggers like me who were excited to be a part of this event head by BlogAdda.


We had been divided into 8 groups. For starters, we had a filling breakfast. Then the introduction round was the icing on the cake. Every group sent one person ahead to introduce the entire group and also spilling some interesting facts.

I was quite impressed with almost everyone. I must tell you the amount of talent in that Café on a Sunday morning is not what you would find any time.

My team had I, Mahafreed and Pradosh along with Ankita from the BlogAdda team.


Later, after breakfast and introductions, it was decided that 4 groups will drive the petrol variant and the rest would drive the diesel. While returning home the change would take place.

This is the moment when the first drive was flagged off…


We got the Diesel variant for the start. We headed down to the MMRDA grounds for a test which shook me. Literally! They had a temporary track ready for us with speed breakers enough to give you a bouncy feeling. Whilst on the speed breakers we had to complete a “connect the dots figure” of the TATA BOLT on the sheet provided to us. It was a funny thing to do at that moment but we did manage to draw something.


Later while we started our journey towards Lonavla we had “Captain Bolt” the virtual leader who spoke to us all the time. (P.S – He did sound like a Radio Jockey)

We took the express way and yeah we left every car behind. Pradosh made sure to test the speed of the car as we zoomed past 120kmph in no time. We left the rest of the cars far behind enough to stop mid way, click a few pics and still reach first.


Since we had all the time in the world, we gave a review of the car whilst heading to Lonavla itself. The main pointers were covered by Pradosh since he was driving. Here’s the review.

Once at Lonavla, we headed over to a restaurant named “Dhaba” which happened to be on the first floor! How funny can this get?


The food was awesome. We mingled around with fellow bloggers asking them about their ride and one conversation led to another and the dining hall felt like another day at a fish market… 😛

Post food, every blogger was interviewed about their journey so far. Later we switched cars, headed to Tiger point which is known to have monkey sightings. Yes, I don’t know how funny can this get again?


We had a lot of selfies, groupies clicked. It was hot since it was 3pm prime time for the sun to shine.

I even clicked one for myself.

It's too dark, but that's all i could manage.
It’s too dark, but that’s all i could manage.

Then we had this one picture of the entire team which is my highlight of the journey.


We headed back to another stop at Café Coffee Day and finally made it back to Café Infinito.

I’ll be honest. My review might not do full justice honestly since I don’t know how to drive. But still for what it matters, I can tell you what I felt whilst sitting behind.

  • The car is spacious. It has great interiors too
  • It has 8 speakers which can be serious fun for music lovers.
  • It has 3 styles i.e. Sports, Eco and City. We used the Sports mode and by far it’s the best mode because of the power it generates.
  • The “Connect NeXt” which is an infotainment system is by far the standout feature of the car. Its user friendly and I feel it can make the driver’s life very easy. No worries of missing a call, reading a message as you have this system to help you out.


  • For the price mentioned this is a really good buy under the 10 lacs segment.

Here’s another review made by Pradosh incidentally on the same standout feature as I think. Here’s presenting the “Connect NeXt” system.

Finally I would like to end this review by thanking BlogAdda for making this event memorable for me. Right from the ice box kept in the car, for the food, for the journey and finally for letting me share space with such beautiful people.

Image credits:  Sanjay, Mahafreed and Pradosh.

This indeed was a Sunday well spent at #BoltDrives with BOLT from TATA Motors in association with BlogAdda.

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