James Patterson – "Cross Fire" Book Review

This is yet another Alex Cross masterpiece.


Patterson lived up to his hype of writing such stories.

He had a good mix of ingredients:

  • A perfect killer.
  • High class people killed
  • The perfect detective
  • Gripping climax

This is a story revolving around 2 killers who call themselves the “Patriot Killers”

They kill corrupt bureaucrats and people with high positions in law and enforcement.

They say there are many “Foxes in the Hen-house”

So they want to clean up the house.

Whereas an old foe has returned i.e. Kyle Craig.

He has now impersonated an undercover agent Max Siegel, whom he killed.

So imagine, working with Cross, standing right in front of him, while he knows nothing.

The story then takes a turn as one patriot killer kills his team mate after their final project.

Later, Kyle impersonating as Siegel, kills the last patriot killer.


The finale takes a gripping turn, with Alex getting married to fellow officer Bree( Brianna Stone).

When they go for their honeymoon, (with the family tagging along) Kyle shows himself and then begins a showdown.

Mr. and Mrs. Cross did not take a gun along with them which then made matters tough.

But through instincts, they fight off Kyle, and the fight sequence ends with the win going to Alex Cross.


This book is like the usual Alex Cross special and lived up to my expectations.

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