Involuntary Musical imagery

This concept / syndrome / etc whatever you call it has affected maximum people in all parts of the world..!!
Curious right?
Why didn’t i hear about it before?
Well I’m sure some questions as such might be roaming inside your head..
Let me solve your queries!!

Involuntary musical imagery or an Ear-worm is a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person’s mind after it is no longer playing. Phrases used to describe an ear-worm include musical imagery repetition, and stuck song syndrome!!!

Now, why am i talking about this concept?
I found out this concept one fine day on twitter and just googled about it..!!
The result kept me on the edge and i just realized I’m affected by a syndrome!!

Now, a bit of detail on the effect of this syndrome:
This syndrome hits mostly every student during a lecture, a test etc..
It hits me every time i am in a lecture.. (that’s fun BTW) and i enjoy those moments… any-day better than the lecture!!
During exams, you have to see me..
For a while, i have to sop writing as the songs playing in my head crack me up!!
E.g- Sexy eyes by Aqua…. the moment this song plays on my mind i just can’t control my laughter.. imagine… laughing in a examination hall.. hilarious nah..!!
Here is a list of catchy songs which mess up my mind!!
– Mambo no.5
– Sexy eyes
– Ketchup Song
– Where do you go!!
– Temperature
– Smack that

I agree these songs are vintage in today’s time.. but still  their tunes are damn catchy!!
I even hear new songs, Hindi, English pop, rock, r&b, Rap etc and it occupies my boredom in the lecture!!

So, if you have ever thought of songs playing in your mind during a meeting, lecture, seminar etc then be proud and spread the word about this syndrome!! 🙂

What do you think about this article?

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