Indian Super League 2014

The Indian Super League made its debut last night in Kolkata, India.

This soccer tournament has been long awaited if you took a poll of soccer enthusiasts all over India.

For years, we Indians have always followed the top leagues in Europe, never having any team from our own soil to pledge our support.

But now, times have changed.

Last night, post the opening, and the first match i.e. between Atletico De Kolkata & Mumbai City FC there were around 50k tweets.

That’s what I call an impact.

Kokata emerged victorious thrashing Mumbai by 3 goals to nil.

Even though I’m a Mumbai supporter, I loved the game.

The fact that I can finally go and enjoy a league game in my city gives me immense pleasure!!

Will surely upload the pics when I do watch a game.

For now, here are some pictures from last night’s opening ceremony and the match.


This is how the opening ceremony looked like from up top. What a sight, i tell you..!!



Now what’s an opening ceremony without any fireworks!! Right??



Ok, some more fireworks. Wish i was on the pitch watching it unfold in front of me. 🙂



Talented performers graced the event with their acts. 🙂



Seems like football fever has hit our performers too.. 😛



I really have no words for this picture, the walk, the fans, aahhh, we have waited too long for this…!!



The prized possession i.e. the trophy for the winning club was on display.



Fikru Teffera from Atletico, scored the first goal in the history of the ISL. That’s his celebration!!



Atletico kept dominating the match, and Mumbai tried their best but were simply outclassed.



That’s how it all unfolded on the opening day!! Final Score ATK 3 – 0 MCFC


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