I wanna be a superhero too

If I were a superhero…
What power would I want?
Damn, all these years watching so many superhero cartoons and movies has got me in a tiff.
But then I have finally come up with an awesome selection.
I would want the power of a snap..!!
Let me explain.
When I snap my fingers, whatever I need, I get it.

Some examples;
1)      When with your girl, and she asks you questions which need to be answered carefully and cautiously, snap the finger, and you get the answer in your mind. 😛
2)      When people in danger, a snap and I get the power of hulk through which i can help the innocent and hammer the culprits… (p.s – I really want to do that) 
3)      Ok, now this one is a bit funny and I have so wanted to do that.
When in class and I don’t want a test to take place, one snap, and either there will be a storm, or either the teacher will be teleported to Nepal. 😛
Why would i want such a power?

It’s simple.
Every superhero has a flaw, and thus i tried thinking of such a power, which would eliminate the flaws.
Also with a snap, if i can do anything, then that would mean, whatever happens i will always come up with a solution and save the world too.

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