I Am UniverCell(y) Sync(ed)

Date  : 23rd August 2014

Location : Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Time : 2pm


I entered UniverCell Sync at about 2pm, only to find the place filled with bloggers.

Staff being hounded by bloggers at every turn, who had never ending questions.

Many checking out the phones, headphones, speakers and other accessories.

In short, it felt like a usual blogging environment.


Here’s my review about UniverCell.


Gadgets & Accessories:

They have a limited but varied number of smart phones right from Nokia, Sony Xperia’s to an HTC & Samsung.

The phones are limited, but you’ll find all the possible ranges right from    5,000 – 50,000.

They have a unique range when it comes to Tablets and Speakers.

Trust me, there was a greenish Philips sound shooter speaker which looks exactly like a grenade.

They have huge speakers, and one in the shape of the android.

Headphones have been placed alongside various phones for you to test them.

Honestly this is a very smart move by the store.

Also, it enhances the buyer’s decision when it comes to purchasing headphones.

Post all this, the regular accessories for the daily smartphone use are also available.

In short, a complete package.


Security Services:

Basically, anyone who purchases a phone from here, needs to pay a meager amount ranging from 700-1300 for a complete protection package.

The amount varies as per the price of the phones.

E.g – For anyone having phones ranging from 25000-30000 will have to pay 1200/- a year for a protection package.


What is covered in this package?

  1. Theft
  2. Cracked screen
  3. Water logging
  4. Damage

Maybe all this sounds as a usual protection plan but they ain’t finished yet.

To add, they have a Pick and Drop service.

What does this mean?

E.g: You drop your phone while at home and the screen is cracked.

Usually, you’ll panic and then will begin a series of visits to the service center.

If you have applied for the Univercell Sync’s services for a year, all you have to do is give them a call.

Their staff will pick your phone from your home and get it repaired and drop it back post maintenance.

Also you get a spare phone to use whilst the repairing stage takes place.

Sounds cool?


Interactive Staff:

The staff was very interactive and i must thank them for being patient during the entire period of 3 hours.

Just imagine. People running around, some asking the same questions, some asking different questions. And still, all they did was keep solving our doubts.

Their way of explaining through examples made our understanding complete.

That’s their job, and they are doing it pretty well.


Important Info:

Since it’s an inauguration phase, the store has discounted the amount.

So, if you happen to purchase a phone from this place, relish the opportunity and secure it too.

P.S – If you didn’t buy anything from UniverCell, you can still apply for all the services for your smartphone except the “THEFT” service.

My dear friend Dwitiy who also happens to be a blogger, had accompanied me to UniverCell Sync.

Here are some pictures of the store.

Hope you’ll like it.

Link : Dwitiy – Univercell Sync Visit



From my understanding, i have not seen a rather complete store than this in quite a long time.

I’m not saying this since I’ll be getting a speaker for writing this post.

But quite honestly, post reviewing the place i wish i had come here a month ago.

I lost my smart phone a month ago, and the thought of an insurance did strike my mind as it was a Samsung Galaxy S4.

But that thought didn’t turn into a reality.

My phone was flicked while i was traveling in the usual local trains.

Post that, the only regret i have is of not insuring my phone.

Maybe by reading this, you can understand the importance of insuring your phone and it’s benefits.

Hope from my story, someone can benefit by saving their phone 🙂

If you haven’t done it yet, do it soon and save yourself from a lifetime of regret.

Do it now and life will be rocking.



This post is written as a part of my experience in UniverCell Sync.


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